If you’ve been following Laughing Place for a while, then you know we love the stunning jewelry collections from RockLove. Today, we’re highlighting a Marvel series inspired by the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange.

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Marvel X RockLove Doctor Strange Collection

Being a Master of the Mystic Arts is no easy task. Just ask Doctor Stephen Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme spent a long time training and honing his magic skills and fortunately, it paid off. Not only was he able to trap Dormammu in a time loop, but he helped to save the universe (well at least the Marvel Cinematic Universe) from Thanos.

RockLove is honoring the Doctor with this lovely, detailed jewelry collection that combines the visuals of magic spells with RockLove’s signature elegance.


“Sculpted in durable artisan brass and thickly plated in polished silver, this bangle is a three-dimensional geometric manifestation of the Time Spell used against the dark powers who would seek to harm our world. Available in two sizes. Eye-catching and substantial in size, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.”


“Sculpted in solid sterling silver and brightly polished, these earrings are a three-dimensional geometric manifestation of the Time Spell used against the dark powers of those who would seek to harm our world. While substantial in size, these hinged hoop earrings are featherweight and infinitely wearable.”

Spell Medallion

“Inspired by the astrolabe, an ancient astronomical instrument used to measure celestial bodies of the universe, this mystical medallion is brightly polished and blackened for contrast. Rotate the dial to spin the etched sigils, replicating Doctor Strange’s dynamic hand motions to move forward and backward in time. Substantial in weight, it hangs from a heavy adjustable 24-inch sterling silver curb chain.”

Spinner Ring

“Carved in solid sterling silver, this spinner ring is etched with the fractal geometry and sigils of the Time Spell. Brightly polished and blackened for contrast, every surface is engraved with potent patterns, including the interior ring band. Thick and durable with a beaded textured border, this ring is perfect for the fidgeting Magician.”