For a series revolving around hockey, the penultimate episode of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers leading into next week’s finale had a real lack of it. Instead, relationships were the talk-of-the-town. Last week’s cliffhanger of Evan realizing he had to fire Alex as coach was quickly resolved within the opening moments, allowing the focus to switch to characters and their relationships.



Alex took the news of her firing pretty hard — I mean, her child gave her the axe. That’s rough. — and decided to not journey with the team to states. In her eyes, space was the best option for Evan and the team. Bizarrely, this gave her the opportunity to connect with Stephanie. I know, I know. Hold your gasps. I was shocked, too.

Since she didn’t have to worry about being with the Don’t Bothers, she headed to the firm to catch-up on some missed assignments. While there, she overheard Stephanie in a major phone fight with her husband. Well, soon-to-be ex-husband. Stephanie reveals that she is in the midst of a divorce and finally opens up to Alex as a friend, not as a boss. This finally gives Alex the freedom to also share her disappointments and worries. Then, as if by magic, Alex and Stephanie finally connect! New friend alert!

Meanwhile, Evan is anxious about asking Sofi to go with him to the states kick-off party. After a quick texting miscommunication (welcome to the club), Sofi and Evan are in a battle to out-jealous each other. Out-jealous is not a term, and yet, it still works in the situation.

Evan (accidentally) brings the podcasting girl to the party, while Sofi rebuttals by bringing a Ducks player. The both aren’t really there to enrapture their dates, but to be seen having fun in order to make the other mad. I love using others for personal gain! After some fighting, the two finally reveal their true intentions and apologize on the bus. They both realize the miscommunication got in the way of their true feelings for each other. They both like like each other. OMG love is so cute…what’s that like?

There’s a full subplot where Gordon Bombay finally reveals what got him kicked out of the NCAA (he disregarded proper requirement guidelines to help a struggling kid) to Coach T. Of course, Coach T tattles and tries to get Gordon disqualified for coaching the Don’t Bothers. Alex comes running in with a loophole, saves the day, and will allow our favorite former Duck to coach our favorite modern team. Next week, states. Will they take the W? Here’s hoping!

Penalty Box Thoughts:

  • A cute episode, but very oddly placed. The Gordon plotline felt like filler to the Sofi/Evan stuff, when they should have been switched.
  • Will Lauren Graham ever not be the best? The answer is no. Can she win states by herself? Is there a loophole for that?!
  • Coach T is, of course, the absolute worst. However, do you think if he cleaned up his hair it would make him nicer? I dunno, just a thought.
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