TV Recap — “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” – Season 2, Episode 4 “The Storm”

Honey, you’ve got a big storm comin’. I’m not just talking meteorologically, I’m talking emotionally, too! Ricky and Nini are trying to cope with the fear, paranoia, and strain that comes with a long distance relationship. Add in the key fact that Nini isn’t even happy at her new location it becomes an even sadder scenario. You’re trying to prove yourself and make others proud, all while dreading going back to your stuck acting school. Almost as stuck up as…

Meanwhile, Carlos and Gina are in a big ‘ole tiff over who really is the choreographer of this whole shebang. Both come in with competing ideas over the scale of “Be Our Guest” and the outcome is just tension. Outside worries about others perceptions, along with Gina’s ongoing compartmentalizing of her school and relationship stresses (i.e. The Ricky Debacle of 2021).

Nini runs back to East High for some more hugs and Ricky time before she has to dash to the bus stop to head back to her personal hell. After her never-discussed-ride-sharing-app cancels her car, Miss Jenn offers to drive her. From there, the weather takes over.

A crazy snow storm rips through Salt Lake City, leaving the school with no power and Miss Jenn’s car stalled on the side of the road. Whilst waiting in the cold hunk of metal, Miss Jenn tries to get the exciting details about the new school out of Nini. Almost immediately, Miss Jenn senses the melancholy and disdain in Nini’s voice. Nini clearly hates it, but seems to be pushing through to make others proud. In the words of the immortal prophet RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen up in here?!”

Nini makes it to the bus stop after crying with Miss Jenn over dreams ending and new beginnings. It was a sweet message that left me more affected than I was expecting. Our lives are malleable and not set in stone. If something you initially thought of as an “end game” doesn’t make you happy, why keep going? Nini is not receiving the experience she expected, so why stick-it-out? Miss Jenn’s words are comforting and synergistic, god bless.

Gina is still dealing with (and pushing away) her worries and Ricky-based confusion. Ashlyn continues to try to be a safe space for discussion, but alas, Gina won’t budge. She does budge in the choreography, as Carlos describes theater as a safe space for him as one of the few gay kids at school. Gina understands and allows him to take on a larger choreographing role, even if Gina’s explanation was equally as valid. (Though, y’all know I’m always team Seb & Carlos, Pride month or otherwise.)

After a contemplative Nini ballad, a genre in and of itself at this point, Nini races back to East High. She’s not going back, as it’s time for a new dream. Ricky lays out his love via FaceTime as she makes the decision, so get ready for an adorable reunion of dreamy proportions. Or, in the case of Joshua Bassett, clear-skinned proportions.

Extra Credit:

  • EJ didn’t get into Duke and proceeded to mope around campus all episode. I feel like there’s more to this arc, but for now, we get served up a steaming pile of SULK.
  • Miss Jenn’s hospitality story had me audibly laughing and affixing extra glitter to my “Kate Reinders for Supporting Actress Emmy” posters.
  • How do we feel about the Gina of it all? I’m conflicted from scene-to-scene and can’t decide whether she’s even in the right environment for her to thrive. Maybe being used to moving your entire life complicates continued relationships?
  • Kourtney? And Howie? You love to see it.
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