Podcast Review – “Marvel Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord” is a Different Kind of Marvel Adventure

In the future of the Marvel Universe, all of your favorite heroes are gone and Earth is run by Dr. Doom. Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon are all that’s left of the Guardians of the Galaxy and even they can’t believe what’s happened on Earth. That’s the plot of the new podcast Marvel Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord, which is available now.

This new podcast brings you some of the characters you know and love but presents them in a way you’ve never experienced before. Not only are you simply listening to this story, as opposed to seeing it unfold on screen or reading it on a page, but you’re also dealing with much older versions of these characters.

A star-studded cast brings this new, unique Marvel story to life. Timothy Busfield lends his voice to Peter Quill while Chris Elliott provides the voice of Rocket. Both of these fantastic actors do a great job of bringing us these very different versions of these characters. Their chemistry is evident right from the beginning as their banter is hilarious and constant. If there is one small complaint to make about this new podcast, it would be that these two actors sound a tad similar, which can get a bit confusing at times.

Even with Busfield and Elliott leading the way, it’s really Nadine Malouf that steals the show. Malouf voices the AI robot Cora, who provides not only a great deal of context and explanation but also a fair amount of her own comedy. The chemistry between all three of these actors is great and should only get even stronger as the show goes on.

The idea of a desolate, post-apocalyptic future world is certainly nothing new when it comes to the Marvel Universe. In fact, we’ve even seen Old Man Star-Lord in comic book form before. But having this kind of stroy translated to this medium is new and so far, it’s proven to be a whole lot of fun.

Overall, Marvel Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord is just another great way to put yourself into the Marvel Universe and reunite with some of your favorite characters. The cast is wonderful and they’ve provided a great deal of laughs in just the first two episodes. A very interesting story has been laid out for us and I personally can’t wait to see how it plays out. Marvel fans are definitely going to want to check out this podcast.

The first two episodes of Marvel Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord are available now wherever you listen to podcasts.