Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill Keeps Fine Dining at Disney Springs

It has been a few years since Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill opened its doors at Disney Springs and most definitely time for a revisit. When Disney Springs opened at Walt Disney World, one of the pushes was for more fine dining and while Wolfgang Puck had a great location in the Marketplace it took a few more years for this new location to be complete and definitely lives up to the “fine dining” title.

I have spent many hours at Disney Springs so it is hard for me to not think of World of Disney or the Star Wars Trading Post just down the road, but sitting down for a meal here really removes you from that mindset to the point where I feel like I am eating in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills. The location is so beautiful and close to some of the best shopping in the area, works perfectly to pass the time exploring and picking up those last minute gifts.

Of course as nice as the location is, if the food isn’t any good what is the point? Well the name Wolfgang Puck already has the built in assurance of some of the best food out there and as a casual dining location this food blows away other options out there.

We started the meal with the Truffled Potato Chips, these tasty housemade chips covered with point reyes blue cheese sauce and chives. The biggest problem with this dish was the size, it was just too large for 2 people for an appetizer but far too tasty not to stop eating.

One of the entrees was the Four Cheese Tortellini with some added meatballs. I grew up eating any type of pasta that would be put in front of me and this dish was amazing, the tortellini you could tell was freshly made and the Blistered Cherry Tomato, Marinara Sauce, and Basil made for the perfect combination to add just the right amount of flavor. The addition of the meatballs really rounded out the plate with some protein and some great taste.

I am not normally a fan of the white pizza, this Bianca Pizza had a great taste and wasn’t overpowering like some of the other ones I have had in the past. With Goat Cheese, Ricotta, Potato, Castelvetrano Salsa Verde, Rosemary

This mix provided a great counter taste to the sauce on the tortellini and of course the crust was a perfect bread to help round out the meal.

Now no meal is complete without dessert and if there is one thing you can never go wrong with it is a nice Layered Cake. As a chocoholic I spent most of the meal thinking about this cake and it didn’t disappoint at all, accompanied with raspberries, chocolate gelato, chocolate sauce the flavor was perfect and the size was designed to be shared.

I can never say enough about all of the dining locations at Disney Springs but for great quality food, excellent service, and just the perfect ambiance Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is at the top of my list.

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