TV Review – Season 2 of “This Way Up” on Hulu is Carried by Two Hilarious Leading Ladies

This week marks the premiere of the second season of the award-winning comedy series This Way Up on Hulu. After a successful first season on the streamer back in 2019, the two hilarious sisters return to further explore their blossoming yet somewhat troublesome relationships.

This Way Up is a comedy about moving on, moving forward and trying to find happiness. Aine, played by Irish writer & comedienne Aisling Bea, is a whip smart English-as-a-foreign language teacher trying to pull her life back together after a “teeny little nervous breakdown,” as her sister Shona, played by Sharon Horgan, worries, not only about her younger sibling, but also about her own life choices.

Comedy is a truly subjective genre and that makes it very difficult to generalize. Sometimes, with a show such as this one that is so dry and slow-paced, some people will find it hilarious while others are switching to something else rather quickly. However, one thing that almost universally overcome that is a pair of charismatic and charming lead actors.

That is exactly what is going on here with This Way Up. This series is not really about anything particularly exciting. It follows the lives of these two sisters who don’t necessarily lead thrilling lives or really even do anything interesting for work. The show is simply a deep dive into their relationships and how they are trying to maintain them. Without trying to steal another show’s schtick, it’s a show about nothing.

While that may make this show sound as if it is anything but entertaining, that is hardly the case. Bea and Horgan carry this show with their hilarious banter and effortless chemistry. While they each have the quirks individually, any time the two of them are on screen together, it’s always good for at least a few laugh-out-loud moments.

The rest of the cast also plays their roles well. While they don’t get as many opportunities as Bea and Horgan to be so overtly funny, they play off of the two leads perfectly and still manage to sneak in a few laughs here and there. Mostly though, they are in place to create relationships with Aine and Shona in which to get the audience invested.

And speaking of those relationships, they do provide a great deal of heart for this show to fall back on. While there isn’t a whole lot happening all that often, you can’t help but feel for these characters as we watch their relationships grow. While both of the leads progress their respective romantic relationships, there is also a major focus on the connection between the two sisters as well. With both of them being so likeable, it’s impossible not to get invested in their feelings.

With that being said, much of the focus is on those aforementioned romantic relationships and a great deal of the show, especially the humor, is rooted in sex. Due to that nature, the series can be a bit crass at times. It’s not overly graphic, but if sex jokes are not your cup of tea, you may be turned off by this show.

Overall, this second season of This Way Up is a great vehicle for Bea and Horgan to show just how hilarious and charming they can be. It’s not particularly exciting in terms of its story, but the cast does a terrific job of making it entertaining. If you are fan of somewhat raunchy romantic comedies, this will absolutely be something you’ll enjoy. And even if you’re not, it’s impossible to not get at least a few chuckles out of each episode.

The second season of This Way Up will premiere on Hulu on Friday, July 9 with all six episodes dropping at once.