The 16th President of the United States helps Molly McGee with a school project, but that’s not the only visitor the family sees, as Grandma Nin stops by in the latest episode of The Ghost and Molly McGee.

Not So Honest Abe

Scratch is once again outside the Haughty Haunts nightclub not allowed inside because he’s a nobody. But there is someone who thinks he's somebody…Molly McGee! When she is panicking about a presentation she has to give about Abraham Lincoln (who he saw earlier outside the club), Scratch pretends that he knows him from the ghostly world and tells her he can get him to help her with his presentation.

Clearly lying, Molly sees through his act and calls him out on it, but Scratch decides to prove her wrong, and heads back to the ghostly world where he is at a coffee bar with Geoff, who he recruits into pretending to be Abraham Lincoln, despite how awful he would be, only needing to pull it off for just a moment.

Geoff, however, stays behind and decides to help Molly anyway, filling her with false information and is set to ruin the presentation and Scratch knows it.

Molly gives her living history presentation, and her teacher (guest star Jane Lynch) is appalled by the inaccuracies and pre-emptively gives her an F while she is just beginning.

Scratch runs back to the Ghost realm and throws a deep dish pizza (which apparently, is not real pizza) in the bouncer’s face and sneaks into the presidential wing of the club where Abe Lincoln (guest star Kelsey Grammer) is playing the piano.

Scratch pleads, with a bit of a fib that Abe Lincoln sees right through before a truth stare (they don’t call him Honest Abe for nothin’) gets him to reveal everything, including how he lied just to impress his friend Molly. He accompanies Scratch back to the real world and ends Geoff’s charade, helping Molly turn her presentation around with a rap that rivals anything we’ve seen in Hamilton.

The teacher is wildly impressed and changes her grade to an A+, and the history class is moved out to make way for the science fair, where Scratch has clearly learned nothing, and tells Molly that he knows Einstein.

The Best of Nin-Tensions

Grandma Nin is coming to visit thanks to an invite from Molly, despite all the tensions between Sharon and her mother. Scratch pushes everyone out of the way to get the snacks from his favorite family member. She also has a snack for Pete, a traditional fruit called a Durian. She has no gift for Sharon however, as she spent so much on her art degree.

Molly notices the distance between her mom and grandma and is complaining to Scratch about it, saying if they’re distant now they can grow even distant in the future. Scratch realizes this means no more delicious snacks, so he agrees to help Molly figure out what happened between the two. She approaches her dad and Daryl in the kitchen, who have opened the durian, which smells like a mix of rotten eggs and burnt rubber. She asks her dad what happened, and why there are tensions when light flickers and thunder claps. Pete warns her to leave it alone, but we know they can’t and Molly and Scratch set out to discover the truth. Nin comes in and asks Pete if he likes the durian, and he is thoroughly disgusted and pretends to enjoy it. But someone does enjoy it…Daryl. So he bribes Daryl to eat the whole thing for him.

Molly and Scratch reenter to address the tensions again (more thunder and lights that startle even a supernatural entity like Scratch) and try to convince Dad to help out again. He reluctantly agrees, and finds Sharon hiding under the bed, and after a brief moment, Molly discovers that the tension might be caused by her parents’ decision to elope, and not have a traditional wedding.

So, Molly and Scratch set out to give them the traditional wedding in an attempt to relieve the tensions. The impromptu wedding ceremony falls apart, and Molly ends up tying up her mother and grandmother until they hash it out in front of the family.

Sharon informs us all that the wedding has nothing to do with why she is upset, it's because she gave up law school to study art. Nin corrects Sharon and says that’s not why, it's because she gave up her art. She is a talented artist and she just stopped. As Sharon realizes this, all is forgiven, and Nin even gives her her gift, a reminder and a set of brushes and tools so she can continue her art.

Nin leaves, though I’m sure we’ll see more of her at some point, and Scratch reminds her that the post office has flat rate boxes and she can send anything, even snacks.

This episode of The Ghost and Molly McGee is set to air on Disney Channel on October 23rd, but is now available on the DisneyNOW app and Disney+.

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