Unboxing Hasbro’s Marvel “Spidey and his Amazing Friends” Toys Based on the Popular Disney Junior Series

The Spidey team is on the scene with new toys from Hasbro based on the hit Disney Junior animated series Marvel Spidey and his Amazing Friends. Aimed at a preschool audience, the entire toy line is for ages 3 and up. Hasbro was kind enough to send us a big box of really cool toys to share with you. This post gives a rundown of each item and a video at the bottom of this post provides a look at all of the toys in action.

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The biggest of the toys is the Web-Quarters Playset, which comes with a Spider-Man figure and vehicle. It features lights and sounds and has moving parts that allow the Web-Quarters to open and close. At $62.99, it’s also the priciest piece in the collection.

The back of the box shows some of the creative ways kids can use the playset, showing a few pieces that are sold separately.

The playset features several slides, including one under a moving floor that spirals through the center.

The playset’s four arms also become slides, with two narrow ones in the back perfect for the figures.

The two slides in the front are the right size for the included vehicle to slide down. Additional vehicles in this scale are sold separately.

The playset also has some fun decals, including a screen that shows what the Green Goblin is up to.

Additional action figures are sold separately for $5.19. We received Ghost-Spider (aka Gwen) and these packaged figures come with an accessory.

Available in this same individual packaged collection are Spidey, Miles Morales (aka Spin) and Green Goblin. The Spidey figure appears to be the same as the one included in the playset, but he comes with an expanding web accessory.

Another option for picking up action figures is to get a Hero Reveal 2-pack, which retails for $10.99. The three main characters from the series are paired with a friend and these figures also differ from the others by having a flipped up mask. Squeezing their legs together causes the mask to flip down and their thwipping arm to extend out.

We received Hulk with Miles Morales. Hero Reveal 2-Packs are also available as Ghost-Spider with Black Panther and Spidey with Trace-E. These sets are the only way to get the figures of Hulk and Trace-E as of the time of this writing.

The resting state of the flipped-mask figures is open. It’s only when their legs are squeezed together that the mask flips down and their thwip arm reaches out.

All of these figures are the right scale for the Web-Quarters Playset.

For kids who are more into vehicles, there are several ways to collect these action figures while also giving them wheels. Retailing for $9.99, these action figures and vehicle 2-packs come in several options. We received Miles Morales with his Techno-Racer.

Other options include Spidey with his Web-Crawler (the same one that comes with the Web-Quarters Playset), Ghost-Spider with her Copter-Cycle, and Black Panther with his Panther Patroller. shopDisney sells a three-pack of the main characters.

The figure easily sits on the vehicle and his other hand is capable of holding the steering wheel.

A slightly larger version of the Web-Crawler is available for $20.99, which includes the same Spidey figure. This one is a “Change ‘N Go” vehicle.

The spider legs on the car fold underneath it, but when kids need to call it into action…

They can flip the legs out, allowing the Web-Crawler to go anywhere.

There is a third Web-Crawler option, the Ultimate Web-Crawler. This is the largest one available, with room for 4 figures the size of Spidey, or 3 if you’re including Hulk. It comes with the same Spidey figure.

The legs don’t retract, but it does have a cool feature the others don’t. Press down on the hood to extend an arm that can knock down a villain.

Since I didn’t get Green Goblin, I pretended one of the bonus Spidey figures was a bad guy in disguise.

For kids looking to collect a lot of characters, there are affordable Web Up Minis, which come in mystery packaging.

Figures in this line include two poses for Spidey, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales, Hulk, Trace-E, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel and Green Goblin. We received Miles Morales.

All of these fall into age-appropriate figures and playsets for preschoolers, but the next two items are more in the realm of imaginative play.

Just the right scale for kids to pretend they’re Peter Parker, this Trace-E Bot retails for $26.49 and runs on 3 AAA batteries.

No remote control is required, she runs entirely on sounds and responds to a child’s voice, clapping and lights. There’s also two modes, one that is just voice and light-up eyes, and another that cause the bot to roll around on the ground. There are two small wheels under Trace-E and her movements are fast, but not forceful.

Lastly is a preschool-appropriate Spidey Web-Slinger for $15.99. This popular toy has historically been made for older kids and included a can of “Web Fluid” (like silly string) that could be messy. This one affixes to a child’s wrist by two retracting arms that don’t connect, making it easy to take off.

The actual web is about 2-inches long and made of fabric with plastic sides, ensuring that nobody can be hurt on the receiving end of the action. They are retracted by default and pressing the yellow button on the end thwips them out.

All of these great toys based on Marvel Spidey and his Amazing Friends are now available from Hasbro.

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