Season 3 of Amphibia takes us back to Earth, so of course there is a full episode dedicated to the all the fun and traditions (and terror) of Christmas!

Froggy Little Christmas

It’s the Christmas season on Earth, and the Boonchuys are getting ready for their favorite holiday, even though the Plantars have no idea what is going on.

Despite Anne’s best efforts to explain what’s going on, the frog family still doesn’t understand. Meanwhile, Anne’s mom is being offered to have a parade float in the L.A.’s Chrismapalooza parade featuring the family’s restaurant, Thai Go. Despite this being a dream of Anne’s mom, she declines the offer since it would be best if the family kept a low-profile since King Andrias is still out to get her daughter and the Plantars.

Anne senses that her mom is secretly devastated, and goes behind her back to return the parade committee’s call, and agrees to build a parade float for the celebration on her mom’s behalf.

Back in Amphibia, King Andrias is being presented with a gift from several Newts, a VR helmet and drone that is set to be approved as part of the coming invasion that can be mass produced if they work. He tries out the new drone himself and realizes he can send it to Earth and take care of Anne himself instead of sending soldier robots to do a newt’s work. Even though, yes he is still technically sending a robot to get the job done.

With the help of everyone they’ve met this season, Anne rallies the town to help build the parade float, borrowing help from Polly’s new bot-building friends, Ally and Jess, as well as Dr. Jan. As Anne is heading home with all the parts she needs to build the float, Andrias’ new drone arrives on scene and we’re treated to a montage across the festivities and traditions in the days leading up to Christmas.

Anne presents the finished parade float to her parents, who are happy and delighted that they get to participate in the parade. Turns out, Anne’s Mom has held the parade as a symbolic representation of being welcomed to the community after they moved to the city from Bangkok. As Andrias is seemingly ready to give up, realizing that the city is so big that he would never find Anne, she appears in a parade directly in front of the drone yelling her name. Thanks to Marcy, Andrias knows all about the holiday and decides to get a little festive with it, hijacking the parade float’s giant Santa Claus with his drone, ensuring it comes to life and attacks Anne.

What follows is a giant Santa terrorizing Anne and her family and their parade float in a high-speed chase throughout the city. Just as Santa Andrias gets Anne cornered, the group realizes they can fire the Christmas Tree on the float using the equipped fireworks directly into the giant Santa’s torso. When they do, not only does it pierce Santa, but impales the drone that Andrias took over with. Everything explodes, and they (and the city) thinks its a miraculous snowfall before realizing that it’s ash. Ash from all the destruction is raining on the city.

The group retreats home and laughs about all the danger, and continues to celebrate the holiday. However, the last thing we see in this episode is Anne writing a letter to the parents of Sasha and Marcy, promising that she will help bring their daughters home, and signing it anonymously, leaving just “A friend” on the signature.

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