Exclusive Clip: Sonny the Kid Returns to “Dino Ranch” in New Episode “Stink to High Noon”

Are you excited for another awesome adventure at Dino Ranch? Laughing Place is pleased to present an exclusive advance clip from the next episode of the hit series on Disney Junior, premiering Friday, December 10th, at 12:00 pm ET. In the second half of episode 22, titled “Stink to High Noon,” Sonny the Kid returns! Take a look at what happens next.

About “Dino Ranch”:

Dino Ranch is a popular animated series on Disney Junior that follows the Cassidy family who live on a farm. The series is set in “Prewestoric” times when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

“Stink to High Noon” Episode Description:

“When Sonny the Kid hides stink weeds all over the Ranch, Jon goes against Min and Miguel’s advice and is goaded into a lasso challenge by the outlaw- not realizing that if he loses, Sonny wants Blitz, Tango, and Clover as his prize!”

How to Watch:

This brand-new episode of Dino Ranch will broadcast on Disney Junior on Friday, December 10th, at 12/11c, with an encore presentation at 6:30/5:30c. Episodes also stream the day they air on DisneyNow. You can catch up on past episodes on Disney+.

(Boat Rocker Studios/Disney Junior)

(Boat Rocker Studios/Disney Junior)