“Barley Necessities” Presents Sensational Seven Merchandise Selections for December 7th

Welcome back for another edition of the “Sensational Seven” segment from Barely Necessities: The Disney Merchandise Show.

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Sensational Seven

Every week on Barely Necessities, Rebekah selects seven items loosely inspired by the unique personalities of the dwarfs. Some items will have obvious connections, others will require a bit of creativity and imagination but all of them will be fun. Ready? Let’s take a look at this week’s selections:

Today’s Sensational Seven gathers items featuring a favorite treat during this season of the year – Gingerbread.

When the little ones start getting SLEEPY they can cuddly up in this cozy, hooded pajama bodysuit featuring gingerbread versions of your favorite Marvel characters – Groot, Iron Man, Hulk and others.

Marvel Hooded Holiday Bodysuit Pajama for Kids

Box Lunch is offering a Loungefly mini backpack with Star Wars The Mandalorian Chibi all over print with images of IG-11 carrying a tray of Jawa gingerbread cookies along with Mando and Kuill enjoying the holiday treats and other HAPPY holiday fun.

Loungefly Star Wars The Mandalorian Chibi Holidays Mini Backpack

Do you believe Thanos was right? No? Even if you’re feeling a bit GRUMPY? Imagine if the Avengers would have transformed the enormous purple Titan into a gingerbread perhaps the Gauntlet’s power would’ve simply become a “ginger snap” instead of a massive global event.

Marvel Gingerbread Titan T-Shirt

Chewbacca, like DOPEY is skilled at non-verbal communication. Realized as a gingerbread cookie for this Loungefly crossbody bag, Chewie’s bandolier features red and white swirled peppermint candies while his Gingerbread cookie face is decorated with a red hot candy nose.

Chewbacca Holiday Star Wars Loungefly Crossbody Bag

Do you think if SNEEZY had a pair of these adorable Gingerbread Mickey socks he’d be less susceptible to chilly drafts? Just maybe he could save himself a few of those epic sneezes.

Gingerbread Mickey Socks

Cuddle up with a sweet smelling Mickey Mouse gingerbread plush when you’re feeling a bit BASHFUL.

Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Scented Plush (12 inch)

And finishing up our Sensational Seven you’ll find Christmas trees and presents along with Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a holiday tee featuring a collection of gingerbread as classic as DOC himself.

Disney Mickey Mouse Holiday Gingerbread Mouse Holidays T-Shirt

That’s it for this week’s Sensational Seven! For more from Barely Necessities, follow us @DisneyMerchShow on Twitter and Instagram and head on over to our merchandise round up which features all of the topics we covered on the show. Thanks for joining us, and see ya real soon!