The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been loaded with so many incredible villains. From Loki to Thanos, we’ve gotten to see some great bad guys in these movies. But there are so many more we’ve yet to see. Marvel Comics has a more than 80-year history of creating iconic villains and so many of them have not yet been introduced in the MCU.

With so many to choose from, I figured I would do my best to narrow them all down to a list of five Marvel villains I would like to see in the MCU. Some of these will be obvious as it seems likely they’ll be showing up sooner or later, but there are also a couple of surprises in there.

1. Galactus

This wouldn’t be the first time the big guy has appeared on the big screen, even if his first appearance was horribly mishandled. With the Fantastic Four coming soon to the MCU, Galactus’ eventual appearance seems like an inevitability. The eater of worlds was a popular choice amongst fans for the next “big bad” of the MCU following Thanos and the Infinity Saga. That seems to me like it would be a bit of a step down, but he would make for a great Fantastic Four villain or even a minor crossover event. Perhaps the Eternals could get involved.

2. Magneto

The Fantastic Four aren’t the only super team eventually making their way to the MCU. And if the X-Men are going to show up, you can bet Magneto will be there too. Unlike Galactus, Magneto has actually already had a pretty great on-screen portrayal, from both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender. This is one of the most interesting upcoming casting jobs the Marvel team has on their slate. Magneto needs to someone who can command the room as he is one of the most iconic and powerful villains in comic history. That being said, I have complete faith they’ll find the right actor.

3. Doctor Doom

Everything said about Magneto and the X-Men can be said for Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four. Doom is another villain who has been mishandled in previous films and one that Marvel fans so desperately want to see done right. However, if Doctor Doom is truly going to get the treatment he deserves, it can’t just be in a Fantastic Four movie. Doom needs to be a villain used for a longer story arc. Perhaps he won’t be the primary antagonist facing off with the full force of the Avengers, but he should be pulling some strings in the bigger picture in one way or another.

4. Knull

In case I haven’t raved about “King in Black” enough, the recent comic event was one for the ages. The full invasion of Earth orchestrated by the symbiote god Knull gave our heroes all they could handle and then some. It was one of the most epic showdowns in Marvel Comics history and will hopefully one day be adapted into the MCU. If this one does actually happen, it will likely not be for quite a while as symbiotes have not yet been introduced to the MCU, aside from a recent mid-credits scene.

5. The Beyonder

“Secret Wars” is one of the most memorable comic stroy arcs ever and one fans have been wanting to see in the MCU for a long time. The Beyonder isn’t exactly a traditional villain, but rather a celestial being with a curiosity regarding the fight of good vs. evil. He summoned a a group of heroes and a group of villains to a world he created himself to see who would win the ultimate fight. This would make a great addition to the MCU, possibly even in the form of a Disney+ series.

There are hundreds of other Marvel villains who can still be adapted for the MCU. We’re just going to have to wait to find out who’s next.