Photos: “Shrek 4-D” Ends 18-Year Run at Universal Studios Florida

That’s a wrap for Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona, and the ghost of Lord Farquaad! Shrek 4-D has concluded its final operating day at Universal Studios Florida, where it has entertained guests on and off since 2003. Join us for one last photographic tour of the experience before it sets off to become part of “A long time ago in a land far away.”

Before thou enters the queue, pages from a storybook recount the tale of our valiant hero Shrek and his noble steed Donkey who rescued the fair Princess Fiona, who found her true love in the green arms of the ogre that saved her. But an addendum has been made by the ghost of the fearsome Lord Farquaad, who is now out for vengeance!

A highlight of the queue for Disney fans could be found on the backside of these pages, homages to classic Disneyland attractions with Shrek characters.

In case you forgot that you are in a Hollywood movie studio, hand, hoof, and talon prints in cement might remind you that Duloc has gone Hollywood for this immersive moviegoing experience.

There are also posters for some exciting coming attractions.

Duloc residents appreciate the finer things in life, like themed garbage cans.

As you transitioned from the outdoor queue to the preshow room, you got a sense of the adventure that awaits with themed shields.

Welcome to Duloc! Fun fact, they have a theme park called “Duloc’s Fairy Tale Adventure,” famous for its one attraction and 74 gift shops.

The preshow takes place in Lord Farquaad’s dungeon where he has captured several characters, including Pinocchio, the three little pigs, and the Magic Mirror.

As you move into the royal theater, the adventure begins. The main attraction, which has been released on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital (under the title The Ghost of Lord Farquaad) featured OgreVision 3D glasses and 4D effects, including bouncing seats and spraying water and scents.

Don’t forget to give back your OgreVision glasses after the show!

Thy journey doth excrement its visitors into the royal gift shoppe.

Among the timeless treasures you’ll cherish forever are pressed coins of copper.

Duloc’s finest apparel on display.

They’re having a sale!

The gift shop also doubles as an Inn if you’re tired and want to rest a spell.

Checkout times vary by type of magical creature.

And in case you’re ready to venture out, a map of Duloc shows off some of the kingdom’s finest places to visit

You can even “Grab” a map to see the homes of some of the fairests stars in all the land.

Carriage parking violations are strictly enforced.

As luck would have it, the stars of the show were nearby for a greeting. They, however, aren’t going anywhere and will continue to wave and smile at guests visiting this corner of the park.

Gingerbread Man has a Universal Express pass out of Universal Studios Florida.

Farewell, Shrek 4-D. It’s been a magical 18 years, but now it’s time for something new. What that will be, however, remains to be seen.

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