TV Recap: “That’s So Raven” – Raven and Booker End Up on a Runaway Cable Car in “A Streetcar Named Conspire”

Disney Channel wasn’t kidding when they aired a new episode of Raven’s Home on April Fool’s Day. Titled “A Streetcar Named Conspire,” the episode took Raven and Booker out into San Francisco, thanks to some special effects that weren’t as convincing when the original That’s So Raven aired. There’ve been teases for this episode since the fifth season began, with an opening credits sequence that features Raven and Booker screaming while riding a runaway cable car. You’ll find out why they got on it in the first place in this recap.

Raven is having a video call with Nia (we don’t see her) in the living room and Booker keeps interrupting, asking Raven to help him find lost things. Booker is packing to return to Chicago and Raven gets emotional at the thought of being away from him. While he packs, she asks him if there’s anything he will miss in San Francisco. “Ivy and Neal are pretty cool, I’m gonna miss them,” he says. She is hurt that he didn’t say he would miss her.

Alice colors downstairs when Victor enters the living room dressed as a train conductor. His doctor recommended that he take up a relaxing hobby and he settled on model trains, asking Alice to go to the store with him. She doesn’t want to go and when Raven comes downstairs upset about Booker leaving, Alice suggests that she show him a great day in San Francisco and make him think that every day will be like that. She tells Raven that she’s an expert in this type of trickery, showing off her skills by getting out of going to the model train store by telling Victor that it’s next to a pet store that has a sale on snakes.

After a morning of activities, Raven and Booker arrive at The Chill Grill for lunch. Booker sits with Neal and Ivy while Raven gets them food, learning that they’re going to a music festival later. He sees a cute girl named Cami and develops a fast crush, handing her a napkin dispenser when she asks for ketchup from their table. Ivy tells Booker that Cami only dates the coolest guys. “And girls,” Neal adds, “I don’t like to use labels, but they have a word for people like that: popular.” Booker brags about being cool at his school in Chicago and gets up to go ask her out, bringing a bottle of ketchup to her table and saying “I thought I’d come over here so we could ketchup.” Cami isn’t impressed by the corny joke, but doesn’t dismiss Booker, saying she’s going to the concert this afternoon when he asks if they can hang out. At Ivy’s suggestion, Booker comes up with a plan to become so annoying that Raven won’t want to spend the rest of the day with him, freeing him up to go to the concert.

Alice and her doll Tasha are up in Booker’s room planning out where the beach resort she wants to build for her doll will go. Victor returns from the store with boxes of model train kits and sets them on her plans. Alice plans to use her powers of deception to get what she wants by offering to help Victor build his model train. Later, we see that they have built a mini San Francisco for the train to go through, which includes The Chill Grill. Alice points out that Victor would likely get a feature in a model train magazine if he had a more exotic location, like a resort. He agrees with her.

While eating lunch with Raven, Booker tries a variety of ways to annoy his mom, none of which work. Out of desperation, he squirts ketchup all over Raven’s top, but she says she will just go raid the lost and found at The Chill Grill. Booker is sad as Ivy and Neal leave the restaurant for the concert. Outside, Raven and Booker get on a cable car to head to Pier 39 and Raven tips the driver to brag about how great San Francisco is as they ride. Sitting down, Raven asks Booker what could be better and he says “Hanging with the girl of my dreams,” which she thinks is sweet because she thinks he means his mom. When the cable car stops at Golden Gate Park, everyone else gets off and Raven asks the driver what’s happening there. He talks about the concert that Neal, Ivy, and Cami are at and Booker suggests that they go, but Raven makes him stay. “I met the love of my life at that concert,” the driver tells them. “Unfortunately, he met my brother,” he reveals, explaining that his ex-boyfriend is now his brother-in-law. As the driver puts the cable car back in motion, Booker gets up and grabs the lever to stop it. Raven pushes it forward and they fight over it until it snaps, sending them speeding down a steep hill with no ability to stop. The driver remembers that there’s an emergency break and brings it to a stop. Raven apologizes to Booker, realizing that he had somewhere else he wanted to be. She gives him permission to go to the concert and he runs towards it.

While this was happening, we saw Alice playing with the cable car in Victor’s miniature San Francisco, with many of the things happening to the model having also occurred for Raven and Booker. Victor shows Alice what he’s set up, A beautiful seaside resort for Tasha, who hes placed in a lawn chair. “You made a doll resort for me?”, she asks. Victor pulls out her blueprints and reveals that he knew what she was up to all along. He asks her in the future to just ask for what she wants, not to trick people into doing it.

The concert is over and Booker returns to The Chill Grill with Ivy and Neal. He got there just as the concert was ending and didn’t see Cami, but he says it’s okay because he got to hang out with them some more. “You guys make San Francisco fun. I kind of wish I wasn’t leaving tomorrow.” Ivy suggests that he stays and Booker didn’t realize that staying was a possibility. He’s torn between going back to his life in Chicago or staying, but when Cami walks in, his mind seems to be made up.

Raven is in the living room sad that Booker is leaving when he comes in and announces that he wants to stay. Raven is ecstatic, rushing upstairs to unpack Booker’s things. In private, Victor asks Booker if he met a girl, suspecting this is why he’s staying. “No, I met the girl,” Booker corrects him.

As Booker climbs into bed, Alice tucks Tasha in at her doll resort, apologizing that it’s in Booker’s room. He says he’s not mad about it, but Alice suggests that Tasha might be. “I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you,” she tells him as she leaves. As Booker tries to get to bed, he feels like Tasha is watching him. When he hears the doll laugh, he rushes out to ask Raven if he can sleep in her room tonight.

Raven’s Home will return next Friday, April 8th, with the fifth episode of Season 5 titled “Clique Bait.” Here’s the official episode description:

Booker gets into trouble while trying to impress a girl. Meanwhile, Raven attempts to prove to Victor that Alice is lying.