Photos: Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade Food Items (Souvenir Bucket and Sipper, Churros, and More!)

Do “Electro syntho magnetic musical sounds” make you hungry? Then you’re in luck because along with the return of nighttime spectaculars at the Disneyland Resort, chefs are cooking up some tasty treats to enjoy with each show. Everybody rumbly in their tumbly? Then let’s dig in!

The Main Street Electrical Parade makes its 50th-anniversary return to Disneyland on April 22nd and no snack is easier to eat during a parade than popcorn. This “Electric Sweet & Salty Popcorn” combines colorful kettle corn with buttery popcorn. You’ll find it at popcorn carts by it’s a small world and Fantasyland Theater.

If you’re really hungry, why not celebrate with a whole meal? Plaza Inn offers a parade dining package that includes fried chicken, mac and cheese, roasted carrots, mini wedge salad, Mickey-shaped cornbread, and berry cheesecake.

Also available at Plaza Inn is this specialty dessert, a “Parade Confetti Bundt Cake” with blue sopapilla filling, cream cheese glaze, and chocolate decor.

No visit to Disneyland is complete without a churro and some specialty churros will soon arrive at the park. The Town Square Churro Cart offers the “Parade Dreams Churro,” a classic cinnamon churro decorated with a fruity drizzle and rainbow candy. At the Hub Churro Cart closer to Sleeping Beauty Castle, you can find the “Blueberry Looks Good on You” churro, which not only has blueberry flavored dust, but comes with a blueberry cheesecake dipping sauce. The “Electric Sprinkle Dip Churro” can be found at the other end of the parade route at the Fantasyland and Small World Churro Carts, a classic that comes with a cup of citrus buttercream frosting for dipping.

Jolly Holliday Bakery Cafe is your destination for even more sweet treats, like a Cheshire Cat Linzer cookie and a parade macaroon. Specialty apples and marshmallow pops will also be available at various locations.

A “Mine Cart Brownie” is also on the menu at Jolly Holliday, designed to look like the vehicles that guide the Seven Dwarfs down the parade route.

Rounding out the Main Street Electrical Parade goodies is this themed bag of cotton candy. There’s also the souvenirs that can be purchased with popcorn and beverages at the bottom of this post.

Also returning on April 22nd is World of Color at Disney California Adventure park. Reserved seating comes with a dessert party, which includes a plate of treats including a blueberry bundt cake, a rainbow cake crispy treat, triple chocolate cheesecake, raspberry-filled sugar cookie, grapes, assorted cheeses, and crackers.

We covered this next section in our merchandise overview (Is it food? Is it merch? Who cares?), but have included it here as well. We end with a look at souvenirs that come paired with food, designed to store it, although it is served alongside your purchase.

Paired with a box of popcorn, enjoy this light-up Elliott bucket that could contain popcorn, but won’t.

The turtle sipper contains a compartment to store a beverage, with a pop-up straw that folds down. It is served alongside a paper cup of soda.

Last but not least is a turtle float straw that glows with one sparkling light in the center.

You can see all of these food offerings, along with a conversation with Chef Scott, in the video below.

The next time you visit Disneyland for some nighttime spectaculars, come hungry and enjoy these fun food offerings.

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