4K/Blu-Ray Review: Pixar’s “Turning Red” Gets a Dedicated Disc of Bonus Features

Pixar’s Turning Red is no longer a Disney+ exclusive with today’s release of the studio’s 25th animated feature on home video. The 4K Ultra-HD Ultimate Collector’s Edition is a 3-disc set that includes the film on both Blu-Ray and 4K, an extra disc of bonus features, and a digital copy code. With bonus features that go behind the creation of the film, fans will gain a better understanding of what goes into making an animated film.



Meilin Lee is a 13-year-old girl in Toronto who, along with her best friends Miriam, Priya, and Abby, obsesses over the hottest boyband 4*Town. Unlike her friends, however, Mei presents a different version of herself at home, where she helps her refined mother run the Lee Family Temple and pretends to not be interested in boybands, or even boys for that matter. But when Mei’s mother Ming gets a peek into Meilin’s social life, unintentionally humiliating her daughter, Mei suddenly finds herself overly excited, and POOF!… she transforms into a giant red panda!

From the fun of 4*TOWN’s music to early 2000s fashion, director Domee Shi sets a personal story of adolescence in a colorful and imaginative world. Turning Red is now available on 4K Ultra-HD, Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital to enjoy anytime you need a *Poof* of red panda fun. With the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, fans get a 3-disc set that includes the film on 4K and Blu-Ray, plus a bonus Blu-Ray disc of bonus features and a digital copy.

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentary (1:39) – View the film with audio commentary by director Domee Shi, producer Lindsey Collins, and director of photography Mahyar Abousaeedi.
  • Life of a Shot (14:35) – Domee Shi and members of the crew describe the many-layered process and artistry involved in creating the hilarious Red Peony scene – from observing red pandas in a zoo to creating a storyboard to finalizing the animation and background lighting.
  • Build Your Own Boy Band (8:33) – Step backstage to learn how 4*TOWN came to animated life. From creating each band member’s persona to writing and producing the songs to fine-tuning the details of their stadium performance, the filmmakers reveal how they designed the ultimate boy band.
  • Ani-Mei-Tion (9:35) – Because Mei’s heightened emotionality is central to the story, it was important that her look and movement reflect that energy. Learn how Domee Shi led the animation team to incorporate hints of expressive anime to create Mei’s lovable, dynamic character.
  • Deleted Scenes (23:17)
    • Deleted Scenes Introduction (0:46) – Director Domee Shi introduces scenes not included in the final version of Turning Red.
    • Intro Meilin (2:10) – In this alternate opening, Ming and young Mei have their portrait taken in a studio…but Ming has her own specific vision for the photo.
    • Taming The Panda (4:33) – Under her mother's guidance, Mei learns techniques to control her ability to magically turn into a red panda…to varying degrees of success.
    • The Debate (4:16) – Mei runs for class president against frenemy Tyler, and the speeches get a little out of hand.
    • Fei And Christina Hang (2:29) – Mei (formerly Fei) shares a banana split while having a heart-to-heart with Aunt Christina.
    • 4*TOWN Dilemma (4:43) – Mei scores tickets to her dream concert, but her strict mother won't let her out of the house. What will she do?
    • Roping In Leo (4:17) – Pleading with Leo for help with getting out of trouble, Mei learns a couple of his closely guarded secrets.
  • Blu-Ray Exclusive Easter Egg – Robutton Deleted Scene – An alternate ending in which Mei, finding herself sitting next to her 4*TOWN dream-idol Robaire on a flight to California, has some feelings.


The 4K Ultra HD disc includes a 7.1 Dolby Atmos mix and a 2.0 descriptive audio track. Additional language options include Spanish and French in 7.1. On Blu-Ray, the alternate language tracks become 5.1 while the Dolby Atmos mix becomes 7.1 DTS-HDMA.

Packaging & Design

The 4K/Blu-Ray/Digital combo comes in a standard black Blu-Ray case with disc holders on both sides of the interior. The 4K disc is stacked on top of the Blu-Ray bonus features disc. Inserts include a digital copy code through Movies Anywhere, a flier for Disney Movie Club, and a new flier for Disney+, which I haven’t seen before. The initial pressing comes with a slipcover. Disc are is included on all three discs, representing different emotions of red panda Mei.

Final Thoughts

Pixar’s Turning Red is a lot of fun and the film looks and sounds spectacular on 4K and Blu-Ray. In addition to the premium picture and sound, the assortment of bonus features are enlightening, albeit scarce for a release that has its own bonus features disc.

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