Steph and Pepe Get a Pilot Deal In The Latest “Holey Moley: Fore-Ever”

As was the case with the last few weeks, we get caught up on the loose storyline tying Holey Moley: Fore-Ever!  together that also happens to feature The Muppets. Last we saw, Pepe had kidnapped Steph Curry and was holding him hostage until the president of ABC renewed Holey Moley.

Enough about last week, it’s on with the show this week and despite some squabbling between Rob and Joe that proves that their therapy is ineffective, our contestants approach the first hole we see tonight. I failed to mention the haikus the pair perform, but you be the judge on whether or not that’s a bad thing.

Luis and Jenna are set to kick off the mini-golf fun this evening by taking on PoleCano. As a reminder, PoleCano sees players putt up a Plinko-style board in the hopes that they’ll land in the special Tiki channel that will give them a prime position on the green, if not scoring the much-desired Hole-In-One. After their putt, they must then brace themselves on a handlebar and get launched into a pole in the middle of a lagoon and hold on for dear life. If they hit the water, it’s a stroke penalty.  

Luis made his putt up the Plinko board, landing it in the sand channel and securing the furthest spot from the hole on the green, in a hazard. He didn’t fare much better on the zip line though, not even coming close to the pole and making funny noises throughout the journey, much to Rob and Joe’s delight. Jenna on the other hand, made it directly into the tiki slot, coming very close to a hole in one. Since she missed the hole, she still has to ride the zip line but does not secure herself onto the pole, landing in the water. On the green, she taps it in for the 3 as well as the win, advancing to the next round.

Steph Curry takes a moment to share how the Trap-Tee-ze hole works – nay- ask for help since Pepe is still holding  him hostage in an undisclosed location. In the meantime, Michel’le and Julie take on the hole he was trying to explain in disguise.

Julie gets her ball clear across the lagoon, landing with a clear shot at the hole on the green. However, Michel’le’s put hits the green with force, bouncing back into the water, meaning she will be putting from the drop zone. Now it’s time for the players to take on the trapeze part of this hole, there is not much to it this time around as they both instantly fall into the water. Up in the booth, the pervasive use of “Dummy Riggle” or “Riggle Dummy” has finally broken Rob, and he lays down a comedy embargo, meaning his end of the commentating will end until that name goes away. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long.

After a commercial break, we get a quick wrap up showing that thanks to Julie’s placement on the green, she won the round with ease.

Hayla and Takashi are now here to take on Hole Number 2, where contestants must putt across a narrow path and then run after their ball while porta-potty doors fling open. Hayla makes her putt and gets it into a prime spot, but tragically, her sprint isn’t fast enough and she finds herself in the mucky water. Takashi lost his ball to the water, but he soon joins it too when he gets clipped during his run and finds himself in the gunk below. Hayla makes her putt and locks in the win.

Now, it’s time for an update with Pepe! He gets a hold of the president of ABC with Steph Curry and instead of enacting the extortion plan, the ABC president offers the duo their own pilot on ABC. Talk about backfiring (for Rob)!

The next hole sees Selassie and Kathy take on The Pecker. Selassie completely misses the channel and ends up on the ridge on the green. However, his awful luck on the putt is spared (slightly) because when he launches himself onto the giant woodpecker, he is able to secure the feather, sparing him the stroke penalty. Kathy takes her putt, also missing the channel but gets a good kick on the green a bit further from the hole but without the ridge blocking her path. Too bad she missed the bird completely when making the jump, regardless of how happy (or unconscious) she appears. Selassie missed his putt, which puts Kathy in a great position for her amazing putt. While there was a slight chance for a putt off, Selassie missed again, securing the win for Kathy.

Now for a bit of Holey Moley history making, as this episode marks the first time only females have made it to round 2. The first hole of the second round? The Fishing Hole, where Kathy and Hayla take a moment for a quick photo before taking on the hole. Kathy had the better putt here, but neither of them made it past the fish, both getting knocked in rather quickly and dramatically. Kathy wins the hole thanks to that better putt, and advances to the final round.

Now, another quick update from Pepe as Riggle reaches out. Steph Curry is now on Pepe’s side, considering they are both getting their own pilot now, meaning Rob has a lot to deal with. But, back to the game.

The next hole is Full Mooney, where Julie is going against Jenna. Julie lands her putt right on the edge with the ridge in her way, and now jumps onto the moon. As her orbit begins, she is able to keep up but inevitably fails and finds herself in the water. Jenna’s putt hits the sand, but it's a long straight shot to the hole. She takes on the moon, and is able to keep up with the orbit and I believe is only the second person this season to make it successfully across. She secures the win with a beautiful putt, knicking the corner of the ridge to bank her ball into the hole.

The final round sees Kathy and Jenna in Holeywood. Kathy apparently didn’t quite understand how the hole works, and simply rides the accelerated red carpet instead of using it as a jumping off point and tumbles into the water. Kathy has been Riggled. Jenna makes her jump and becomes the first player to land on the Joe Tessitore star, getting a beautiful spot on the green. Kathy, though dropped from the Riggle spot, putts surprisingly close to the hole, and ends up getting it in in two. Pressure is on Jenna and she succumbs, missing her easy shot and giving Kathy the win.

“Real” Steph Curry is on hand to give Kathy the plaid jacket and the golden putter as she moves onto the season finale for her chance at $250,000.

Holey Moley: Fore-Ever! Airs Tuesdays on ABC, and is available next day on Hulu.

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