Comic Review – “Edge of Spider-Verse #1” is a Wild Ride Featuring Some Crazy Spider Characters

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has always been swinging around the streets of New York, protecting the city’s citizens from crime and would-be evil-doers. Or, at least he usually is, when he’s not jumping around the multiverse or time traveling or fighting his own clones in a never-ending web of multidimensional Spider-people. Yeah, it’s complicated.

“Edge of Spider-Verse #1″ kicks off a brand new Spidey story unlike any you’ve ever seen before. And I can say that confidently, because there’s never been a Spider-Rex before. When Madame Web shows up, you know things are about to get crazy and all kinds of Spider-heroes are about to go for a wild ride.

“Edge of Spider-Verse #1″ consists of four different stories, each featuring a different spider-being. First we meet, Spider-Laird, who is plucked from the revolutionary war into a multiversal web of craziness after saving a goat from being stolen by the British. You know, typical superhero stuff.

Then there’s Arana, who has some experience as a spider-hero. However, some strange things are happening to her as she is experiencing random bursts of pain that knock her out of the sky mid-swing. And of course, Madame Web is only here to make things more complicated.

Oh and did I mention Spider-Rex. He’s a T-rex with Spider powers. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds. Spider-Man Noir is the final piece of this pizzle and he, as usual, is going through some stuff. A mystery woman has entered his life at a very inconvenient time for his relationship with MJ. You know, typical Peter Parker stuff.

One of the nice things about an issue comprised of four different stories is the shift in tones from one page to the next. Don’t want to read something super heavy and dramatic? Here’s a T-Rex swinging from trees. Don’t want something too ridiculous and goofy? Here’s a Private Eye having heartbreaking relationship problems. You’re never stuck with any one story for too long.

On that note, the story that really stands out in this issue is Arana’s. The young web-slinger gets a chance to shine in this comic with a story that really provides the backbone of this new series. She’s a fun character with all the characteristics of Peter Parker, just with a little more attitude.

There is a fair amount of comedy spread throughout the whole comic and a lot of it will get some good laughs. There’s the simple gags, like the slew of dinosaur puns we get in the Pter Ptarker story, as well as more tradition Spidey jokes, like some wall-crawling banter from Arana.

And finally, there’s the art. Just like the stories themselves, the art changes with each story in this issue. There are all kidneys of amazing visuals in this comic and they span some very different styles. Whether you want colorful and vibrant or dark and brooding, you’re bound to find a panel or two that will make you stop and stare.

You can check out “Edge of Spider-Verse #1″ now.