TV Recap — “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” – Season 3, Episode 4 “No Drama”

Batten down the hatches! Sound the alarms! Corbin is coming! CORBIN IS COMING! With his cameraman in tow, Corbin is heading back to Camp Shallow Lake to start work on the Frozen documentary series for Disney+. The campers are tense, wanting to impress, and ready to show the world what they have to offer. For Carlos, that means a full recreation of “Fabulous” from HSM2. Similarly, I just bought a candle from Ashley Tisdale’s line at Target. Both of these things are important queer touchstones.

If we had to quantify stress levels for ranking purposes, EJ is winning in a landslide, much to his dismay. His directing abilities are at the top of his mind as he wants to do a good job for the cast, the camp, and the documentary. First time directing with a camera lens shoved in your face? Not my idea of a good time. However, a SHOCKING twist leaves the campers speechless…

(Reality show stingers just add pizzazz to the most mundane of recaps!)

Gina reveals the phenomenal news that her mom is moving back to Salt Lake City, and while that is great for a multitude of reasons, it also means she’ll be neighbors with EJ for his gap year. The relationship no longer has to be long distance in theory, but EJ’s father has other plans. He doesn’t believe in his son’s gap year and announces, via letter, that he is sending his son to a success school in St. Louis. Yikes, folks. EJ decides to hide this from Gina, which can only turn into something bad, right?

Corbin is striving for drama all episode, but that is the antithesis of what the campers are serving up. HSMTMTS: Untucked, this is not. Yet, drama appears unexpectedly when Jet is announced as missing. He signed out of camp on his own accord and his parents picked him up. Jet is a loaded figure. I still have yet to find a redeeming side.

EJ takes over for Jet during the rehearsal of “Love Is An Open Door” with Gina and the sequence is delightful. They both stun in full costumes, their voices sound great, and EJ as Hans should’ve happened from the jump? Now I’m angry. In the words of Corbin, he gives off 80s movie villain perfectly.

Ricky and Gina have, once again, a seemingly harmless moment after the rehearsal and EJ starts to freak out. He is mighty insecure, that boy. It means he cares, but also, there are some red flags present, my guy. Yet, you can tell Ricky is starting to feel things again, so can we blame EJ? As Crazy Ex-Girlfriend once taught us, “The Math of Love Triangles” is hard, y’all.

Jet returns and he’s angry at Ricky and everyone? Cool.

Gina and Val talk and Val doesn’t feel like she has the right to tell Gina about EJ’s letter? Cool.

Kourtney is dealing with her first bout of anxiety being at camp and considering her future? NOT COOL. Poor sweet bean deserves the world.

As Corbin leaves, he tells EJ that without a heavy dose of drama, the documentary is all but done. They need tension to have a compelling storyline, so EJ goes and agrees to stirring the pot. I do not trust his tone whatsoever. Luckily, he doesn’t have to do much as Gina finds EJ’s letter and immediately confronts Val about the matter. Corbin, found you some scalding hot tea!

Extra Credit:

  • Ricky as Kristoff is perfect casting? And means a lot? To me?
  • Maddox’s ex-girlfriend Madison was apparently her mortal enemy before they became an item. She’s thinking that Ashlyn and Val could become an item based on this theory and, y’all, I’m not mad at it! Bad for Big Red, but great for me!
  • The “you’re beautiful” theater exercise is the worst thing I’ve ever witnessed on a screen and I watch the “Courtney, take your break” clip weekly. As a theater kid, I have the full clearance to say that theater kids are insufferable.
  • Corbin’s “Let the needy girl play” got me good. If he so much as once talked to Keke Palmer like that on the set of Jump In, so help me…
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