Book Review – “The Siege of X-41” is a Terrifying New Story from Aconyte’s “School of X” Line

The Marvel Universe allows creators to tell all kinds of stories. While most would likely automatically assume a Marvel story is going to focus on a musclebound man in a cape saving the world from some evil mastermind, the truth is, these stories can be anything you want them to be. Even horror.

And that’s exactly what The Siege of X-41 is. Author Tristan Palmgren has created a horrifying new story for Aconyte’s “School of X” line of books. The story follows a couple of students attending the School of X, who embark on a mission to the underwater X-41 base. What awaits them in the depths of the ocean though, is more terrifying than they ever could have possibly imagined.

While there are dozens of X-Men and related characters who are often found in the spotlight, The Siege of X-41 focuses on some lesser known characters. Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus and others make appearances, but they are far from the featured characters of this story. Instead, it’s names like Elixir, Anole and Karma – to name a few – who get to shine in this story, which makes it a great story for newer fans to pick up.

Longtime Marvel fans will also love this story as these characters prove to be fascinating for a number of reasons. Elixir’s history s a hater of mutants had created a distrust between him and his fellow students, with Anole sort of taking the lead on that sentiment. Plus, all of their unique abilities get to play huge roles in the story, especially Karma’s, which will throw the reader for a loop.

Another great element of this book is the way in which it is told. Depending on the chapter, the story can be told from the point of view of either Elixir or Anole and that allows the reader not only to connect with both characters but also see the story from different angles. The two perspectives add a level of depth to the story, pun intended.

Of course, the thing that stands out the most about this book is that it is very much a horror story. Obviously, that won’t be for everyone, but there is a lot of horror potential in the Marvel Universe and Palmgren delivers on that in a big way. The Aqueos, sinister vampiric creatures of the deep, are enough to give any Marvel fan nightmares. And they’re just the beginning. It’s a dark, claustrophobic story that will have you constantly wondering what’s around every corner.

And like all of the best horror stories, this one has a bit of a twist. Thanks to the powers of some of these mutants, you can never fully trust what’s happening. So just when you’ve settled in and think you know what’s coming next, don’t worry – you’ll probably be proven wrong.

Overall, The Siege of X-41 is a great read for longtime Marvel readers and brand new fans alike. It’s a truly terrifying horror story set in the Marvel Universe, which feels like a brilliant blend of two different worlds. With fascinating characters and a great story, this is one “School of X” book you’re not going to want to miss.

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Mike Mack
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