Creatures of the Night: Who is “Werewolf by Night’s” Ted?

Marvel’s Werewolf by Night is now streaming on Disney+. Not only is the new special presentation Marvel’s first real venture into the horror genre, but it features a very interesting character from Marvel Comics. Let’s take a closer look at that character.

Werewolf by Night spoilers ahead

While Werewolf by Night introduces MCU fans to Jack Russell, who transforms into the title character, and Elsa Bloodstone, there’s another character that makes an appearance that might have fans talking even more.

Elsa and Jack find themselves as part of a competition to hunt a monster. However, it turns out neither one is really interested in hunting this monster. In fact, this creature is actually good friends with Jack and we learn that his name is Ted. As you can probably guess, Ted has an alter ego: Man-Thing.

The Man-Thing, while a horrifying monster in appearance, is actually a hero and the guardian of the nexus of all realities. Man-Thing first appeared in “Savage Tales #1,” in which Theodore Sallis becomes the subject of an unfortunate scientific accident.

The character has crossed paths with the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and have even been a member of the Midnight Sons, where he teamed up with Russell, and Strange Academy, Doctor Strange’s magic school for young magic wielders. Man-Thing’s abilities include superhuman strength, the ability to control plantlife, some interdimensional abilities and more.

Man-Thing’s first MCU appearance coming here makes a lot of sense, not just because of his relationship with Russell but also because the character has always carried a bit of his own horror vibe. Obviously, it’s unclear if Man-Thing will have any role to play in the future of the MCU, but based on fan reactions to the character and the seeds being planted (pun intended) for the Midnight Sons, it seems very possible we’ll see him again.

You can see Ted in Marvel’s Werewolf by Night on Disney+ now.

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