Entertainment Earth Spotlight: “The Golden Girls” Sophia Petrillo Chia Pet

Are you looking for a fun project to do with the kids over the holiday break? Why not check out a Chia Pet! Entertainment Earth has options (in-stock and restocking soon) spanning several franchises and the one we’re most excited about is Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls.

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Earlier this month, our friends at Entertainment Earth generously invited us to browse their selection of in-stock merchandise and choose some items to feature and review. Being the big Disney fans that we are, we jumped at the chance and came away with an awesome assortment of collectibles that we think will appeal to you too. Let’s take a look!

Our next Entertainment Earth Spotlight gives us The Golden Girls Sophia Petrillo Chia Pet from NECA. If you can think up a Chia Pet idea, it’s likely already been manufactured…like The Golden Girls series! Sad for some of you, but lucky for me, Sophia Petrillow is the only Chia character available at Entertainment Earth although all four ladies do exist—there’s even a Mount Rushmore-esque version that has them together.

Sophia Petrillo Chia Pet

I’ve seen Chia Pets advertised my whole life, but had never ever gotten one. Thanks to Entertainment Earth, I have my favorite Golden Girl and she’s about to get a really great hairdo! The kit comes with a pottery bust, a packet of seeds (with enough for three plantings), a plastic drip tray and instruction sheet. The bust has an excellent sculpt that looks incredibly close to Estelle Getty’s smug, sarcastic face. The head is large enough for generous seed coverage but could also be displayed without any growth…although who would want to do that??

Hydrating the chia seeds

Hydrating the chia seeds

Soaking the bust before seed application

Soaking the bust before seed application

Even though I followed the seed directions, I still had a hard time applying them to the bust and they kept sliding off! I fully assign this to user error and not a fault of the product. Anyway, the next day after the seeds started to dry, I reapplied what fell off with ease. Since I only started the process a few days ago, I don’t have any growth progress to show, but I’ll update with new photos as her “hair” sprouts!

Two days in, just waiting for the sprouting to start!

Two days in, just waiting for the sprouting to start!

It’s been 10 days and Sophia’s “hair” is growing in! Some of the seeds at the back have fallen off so she won’t have a full head of green sprouts, but otherwise, she’s looking good. I’ll also note that the instructions recommended spritzing the seeds with water daily or covering the bust with a plastic bag so it wouldn’t dry out until the growth began. I must have trapped too much moisture in the bag as some seeds became a little moldy. Whoops.

The Sophia Chia Pet is currently in-stock on Entertainment Earth and sells for $19.99. If you shop with our code LPFAN (see below) you can save 10% on in-stock items.

Golden Girls Sophia Petrillo Chia Pet

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