Product Review – The New X-Men “Mutatis Mutandis” Reversible Bomber Jacket from RSVLTS is X-cellent

Last week, RSVLTS dropped a brand new collection of Marvel apparel, primarily focused on the X-Men, and it is amazing, incredible, fantastic and any other Marvel-related adjective you want to throw in there (though ‘uncanny’ doesn’t really work).

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I was lucky enough to receive the new X-Men “Mutatis Mutandis” Reversible Bomber Jacket from RSVLTS and now I am fighting the urge to wear it every second of every day.

The new jacket features two very different designs. The first (depending on how you look at it, I guess) is a colorful style reminiscent of the blue and yellow costumes the X-Men donned in the 1960s while still giving off ‘90s/X-Men: The Animated Series vibes. The awesome X-Men logo on the back also features art that further gives those ‘90s vibes.

The second design is a more understated, neutral style, with a grey and black color scheme and the Xavier Institute crest on the back. It’s the slightly-more-formal look, perfect for roaming the halls of your school for gifted youngsters.

As for the jacket itself, the fit is perfect. It’s incredibly comfortable and runs true to size, so you won’t need cerebro to figure exactly what you need to order. It is a bit heavier than I might have guessed so it is certainly going to keep you at least a little warm. Not great for summers in the Savage Land but it’s the perfect X-flair for wandering the Canadian tundra with Wolverine. Okay, maybe not in that cold a setting, but you get the idea.

This jacket is a must-have for X-Men fans and well worth the $85 price tag. Unfortunately, it is currently sold out, but you can sign up to be notified when it becomes available on the RSVLTS website. And be sure to check out the full collection of new Marvel merchandise, including six new X-Men designs on both shirts and shorts. And keep an eye on our socials (Twitter and Instagram) to see the new collection in action.

Mike Mack
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