Group Names and Nick Names All Lead To Chaotic Fun In This Week’s “Kiff”

One of the things I really enjoy about Kiff is that nearly every episode stems into a chaotic adventure from one simple premise, and this week really lives up to that based entirely on where a nickname came from and how to get a nickname.

Two Truths and a Bunny

Candle Fox and her group of friends, the Abras, are down one friend for their sleepover and stroll through the crowd at school to pick their replacement. Wait, why are they called the Abras? Nobody knows, and therein lies the plot of today’s tale. Kiff is determined to learn where the name came from, and luckily Candle has arrived at their table, looked squarely at Barry and said “See you tonight, Kiff.”

This causes all kinds of confusion, and the pair show up together at the sleepover. It’s okay though, considering Candle Fox (and everyone else, really) sees the duo as a single person. While partaking in the events, Kiff continues to ponder what the meaning of the “Abras” is and where it came from. But they don’t get to learn right away….they have to prove themselves first, and there is no better way to prove it than by playing “Two Truths and Lie.”

After a few rounds, it's Barry’s turn, and Barry can not lie for his life. As such, he cannot be trusted with the secret story of the origin of “The Abras.” Kiff can lie, but everyone knows she’ll just tell Barry anyway.  Fortunately, his sister Terry shows up to deliver pizzas and Terry is an amazing liar. Out in the driveway after the delivery, they have some impromptu lessons and talk about “tells,” or indicators that one is lying. After a funny montage and another lie or two from his big sis, Barry is ready to go back in and dominate the game, thus learning the secret of the Abras.

Barry goes through his two truths and a lie and fails terribly again. That’s when Kennedy  steps up to prove how it’s done but Barry catches on to something thanks to his sister’s lessons. Nothing of what she said was true at all, and calls out all her tells. Despite this, Candle begins to slow clap but not for Barry’s discovery, but for Kennedy/Kim’s ability to lie. Kiff has had enough. No longer does she care about Candle, her friends, or what the origin of the Abras is.

Right as they are leaving, Barry almost knocks down a Candelabra, which is a candle, and the three stems holding it up, making the abra. Interesting.


Kiff and Barry are on their way to see the new Chubbles Wubbington film with their friends, each of whom have a nickname as given to them by the theater usher. Barry and Kiff feel left out, and decide they need a nickname too, especially considering how hesitant the usher, Nick, is to give them. Frustrated in the theater, the duo leave and enter into their own musical number over the endless possibilities of what their nicknames could be.

After the song, they have decided their nicknames and tell Nick, who refuses. A nickname must appear organically and in front of a crowd so the name will stick. Once again in the theater, Kiff has a frustrated meltdown, and she and Barry head out to Nick once again. Ready to stand up to him, she backs down, intimidated. However, Barry decides to say exactly what Kiff did in the theater and earns Nick’s respect, and a new nickname – Mr. Guts.

Mr. Guts helps Kiff come up with a plan to hypnotize and subliminally influence Nick into giving her the name “Showtime” with a crazy scheme that inevitably and hilariously fails, and now it's time to boycott the theater. The group goes and calls to everyone buying tickets to come to their new theater which is free and doesn’t have the sticky floors, and is also totally Kiff’s house.

While there, Kiff’s Mom wonders what everyone is doing in their living room, and the whole situation is explained. Makes sense. A Kiff overreaction. But there was no need, Kiff is already a nickname. We are teased, but ultimately not shown or told, that she has a real name, and Kiff became her nickname “because of the sound of her little toots” when she was a baby. Plus, she doesn’t need a nickname to be cool either, because look around the house. All those people showed up for her because they’re her friends and love her.

Back to the theater they go to show Nick that she already has a nickname, where Barry (no longer Mr. Guts) calls Nick by a new nickname, causing his curse to be lifted. I guess he did hint at that earlier…

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