TV Review: “Saint X” – Episode 5 “Colonial Interference”

Searching for Alison (West Duchovny) the resort is in panic mode, with Olivia and Wes (Melissa Juliet Lawson and Joshuah Melnick) upset at the loss of their friend. Gogo (Josh Bonzie) is praying in the jungle and Tyler (Caleb Lowell) is being instructed by his father on what to tell the cops. Edwin (Jayden Elijah) finds Gogo and tells him what to say, but Gogo wants nothing to do with his friend and tells him to leave.

The death of Alison Thomas has resulted in exploitive tours on the island. Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is learning the truth about how the memory of her sister is being treated. Josh (Pico Alexander) asks Emily if she wants to go out for breakfast, especially since today is Alison’s birthday, but she declines, saying that she is fine.

Gogo is at a store and notices two kids that are being silly. Spotting one kid trying to shoplift and plant it on his friend, Gogo stops them and tells him to give it back and not to treat his friends like that. Emily walks the streets to her favorite diner looking for Gogo but doesn’t find him.

At work she meets with Sunita (Kosha Patel) and while her friend wonders how she is doing on the birthday of her sister, Sunita is also worried that Emily is starting to like Gogo. Emily is obsessed with finding Edwin, but while she searches for Edwin, her job is on the line.

Bill and Mia Thomas (Michael Park and Betsy Brandt) call their daughter but have no luck. Emily avoids them. Concerned, Mia is told by Bill not to worry because Emily has a busy life. Wanting to do something to commemorate Alison, the couple agree to go to a movie. Bill heads to his office and finds pictures from the trip when Alison died and is transported back to those moments on the beach.

At the resort, Bill notices how Alison follows Edwin and is concerned about how much time she spends with him. Alison talks to Edwin, and wanting to see more of him, Edwin tells her to enjoy herself even if it means spending time with Tyler.

Learning that Sara (Bre Francis) is coming to work at the resort puts Gogo on edge, but when Edwin tells him that he has some new tires for him, Gogo wonders why he would help Sara. Edwin explains that he’s not doing it for her, but to help his pal, Gogo.

Walking with Alison on the beach, Bill wonders what his daughter is up to, and while conversing about college, he asks if she has a relationship with Edwin. He may encourage her romantic adventure but reminds her to be discreet. Concerned that maybe the relationship would hurt Edwin’s job, Bill leaves his daughter with plenty to think about.

Tyler talks with Edwin. Explaining that he would love to take Alison to Faraway Cay, Tyler’s idea is sidetracked, with the young college kid asking for help in setting up a picnic on the beach this evening. Back at the beach, Alison offers to get ice cream with Claire, and wondering why she is always so nice to her, Alison explains because she is her sister.

Emily gets a call from her mom and Mia immediately starts reflecting about Alison, and Emily questions how her mother could put up with her for being so weird. Planning for a future visit, both mother and daughter are left feeling emotional at the end of the call.

Josh sees that Emily is upset and tries to talk to his girlfriend about what it was like after his sister died. Emily listens and describes how she knows that her parents love her, but it feels like they never really see her. Emily also thinks that her parents are never going to love her as much as they love Alison.

Emily heads to dinner with Tyler, where they catch up on what is happening with her parents. Tyler has left Doctors Without Borders and is looking to settle down and start a family. Concerned about what is happening, Tyler wants to know if there was a particular reason why she wanted to have dinner. Emily tells him that she thinks it’s unfair that they don’t have any answers. She proceeds to ask about what Edwin was like. Tyler explains that Edwin was duplicitous and the biggest liar. Wondering about Gogo, Tyler feels that Gogo did whatever Edwin told him to.

Alison approaches Edwin wanting to talk. She tells him that she is having a great time and would never want to do anything to compromise his job. Edwin thanks her but when she leaves, he laughs about her statement.

A picture of Alison and Emily from the trip is found by Mia, and she sends it to her daughter. Trying to work on her documentary, the picture sends Emily out to the restaurant in search of Gogo. She waits patiently hoping he will show and just as she leaves Gogo comes in. Grabbing a meal, he joins her at the table. Gogo is quieter than usual. Admitting that he has a lot on his mind, Gogo tells her that he is seeing someone tomorrow night that he hasn’t seen in a long time. A friend from childhood. Trying to get more information, Gogo asks Emily if she really has a boyfriend, and whatever she is after he’s not interested in.

Telling her to leave him alone, Gogo gets up and leaves. The next day, Emily wants Sunita to help follow him. Thinking Gogo is going to meet Edwin, Sunita tells her that they must work tonight, and that she is seeing the good in Gogo, but really needs to remember that Gogo and Edwin are responsible for her sister’s death. Sunita reminds Emily that even if Edwin did the worst of the crime, Gogo was complicit. Sunita ends by telling her friend to finish her job because she went out on a limb to protect her.

Back at the island, Gogo talks to Sara and tells her that he has got the tires for her car. Wanting to know where he got the money from, Sara is angry they came from Edwin. Telling him to take them back, Gogo states that he doesn’t understand her, no matter what he does she is always looking for a way to be mad at him. Sara starts to apologize when they are interrupted by a guest. A flashback to a few years prior, Sara is upset, and Gogo is comforting her. Telling Sara that she is smart and wanting to know what he can do, Sara takes him out back and they have sex. Later on, we see Sara is pregnant with Gogo’s baby. Edwin is angry, and tells her not to marry Gogo.

Back at work Emily hears that Sunita has left, and she takes advantage of her friend’s absence. Leaving work, she follows Gogo to his event where he meets up with Bery (Terralon Walker). The art show that they attend is comprised of her artwork, and the main piece is of the fabled goat witch of Faraway Cay. Wondering why he has finally called her now Gogo tells her that talking to Emily has made him want to talk to someone who was from home.

Bery tells him that she has been talking to Edwin, and that she has a printed off email that he sent for Gogo. Giving him the note, Gogo takes it and opens the letter. From the corner, Emily watches as Gogo reads the message, which causes him to leave the art gallery in a hurry.

Tyler has planned a special dinner for Alison. During their dinner, Tyler hopes to continue their relationship once they leave the island. Edwin is watching from a distance as the two make out. Olivia and Wes are spending time together, and while they commiserate over how everyone else on this vacation is having more fun than them, he suggests that they could have fun together. This leads to them kissing.

Alison ends the date early, and as Tyler tries to apologize, she walks away. In the middle of their own make out session, Olivia leaves to comfort Tyler. Edwin is confronted by Sara and tells him to stop bad mouthing her and to leave her alone. Telling Edwin that if he has feelings for her, he needs to come out with out, or leave her alone.

Emily calls Sunita about her discovery, but her friend tells her that they were both fired from their jobs and that she doesn’t care about what was in the letter to Gogo. Back at the diner, Josh comes in for some food and notices Gogo is there. This is the cab driver who escorted her to the door a few evenings before.

Episode Verdict:

Intriguing! The suspect list continues to grow, and Emily is having doubts about Gogo. What really happened on the island, and who killed Alison is up for debate, but there are plenty of people who could have killed her.

The dynamic between Gogo and Edwin is incredible. The story is being drawn out in piecemeal form and makes me wonder what happened that night on the island. Something happened to shatter their friendship. Did one of them kill Alison? We shall see.