Sure, we all wish we could live at Disneyland, but most of us have had to settle for bringing home the sights and sounds via YouTube videos, podcasts and the Official Albums. Well now you can bring home the smells of Disneyland, too. Or at least scents inspired by the park. Anthology Candles Scents Inspired by Disney aims to bring the aromas of Disneyland and the imagined aromas of the films home to you.

First up … love them churros!


A cinnamony churro candle inspired by the Disneyland treat. Actual scents: “Cinnamon Sugar Goodness”

Or how about…


Dole Whip! Everyone’s (except me) favorite Disney park treat. Actual scents: “Pineapple, hint of Coconut”

And perhaps the most exciting of all…
c7Yep, the Haunted Mansion — an eerie fragrance of a long-abandoned house. Actual scents: “Musty Carpets, Dusty Furnishings, Graveyard Grasses and Florals (subtle Jasmine).

Finally, we’re featuring an attraction where the smells are critical:


Inspired by Soarin’. Actual scents: “Redwood Trees, Cedar Trees, Salty Ocean Mist, Orange Blossoms”

Other scents include Poison, Apple, The Black Pearl, Main Street Bakery, Part of Your World, A Spoonful Of Sugar and more.

Update: Due to unexpected popularity, the team at Anthology Candles originally said they were shutting down until March 1st but now seem to still be taking orders. However, they do say fulfillment could take two to four months. That may sound like a long time, but you’ve waited your whole life for these candles — what’s a few more weeks?


Doobie is the co-owner of having founded the website with his wife Rebekah in 1999. He became a “hardcore” Disney fan in 1995. His favorite Disney film is Snow White and his all-time favorite attraction is the PeopleMover. Having lived near both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, he’s visited them literally thousands of times.



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