Do you ever feel like listening to soothing piano music? How about Disney piano music? Over on YouTube, fans can enjoy the talented skills of the pianist on the kno Disney Piano Channel. This particular video was performed live and contains over 2 hours of Disney music. kno Disney Piano is a Japanese channel that covers Disney, Studio Ghibli, and other melodic stylings that will make your heart happy.  If you’re missing Disney, getting psyched for your next trip, or just need something mellow and beautiful to listen to, check this out:

For those of you who are aspiring pianists, kno Disney Piano also has tutorial videos. We’ve never seen anything like this! It looks similar to the Rock Band and Guitar Hero screens in the sense that you if you want to play the specific arrangement, you’d play the keys as they light up. It would probably work best to watch the video on a tablet at your keyboard or piano. Good luck and happy listening!

Which Disney song is your favorite? Do you play any musical instruments? Let us know!