Have you ever tried to re-create a musical scene from your favorite Disney movie? How about using props, creating costumes, and filming the results? Well French comedian Alex Ramirès does just that — and with an emphasis on each version being “low cost”. Ramirès and his team make silly videos as Disney characters in some of the best known scenes of their films. Ramirès takes on the main role–male or female–for each video and lip syncs along with the soundtrack. While the props and costumes are cheap and homemade, they are used creatively. From curtains as capes or baseball caps covered in fabric to mimic Ariel’s hairstyle, this group pays attention to every detail of each scene. They show a clip of the actual film in the lower corner of the screen to provide a comparison to what they’ve done. All of the videos are use French titles and versions of the songs. Here’s The Little Mermaid or La Petite Sirène:

After watching this, we fell down the rabbit hole and had to check out the rest of his fun and creative Disney inspired videos (which you can do here). Our particular favorites are: Le Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast), Le Roi Lion (The Lion King), and of course, La Reine des Neiges (Frozen). 

What did you think of this video? Which Disney re-creation is your favorite? Let us know!