Who doesn’t love a Disney vacation? Magic, rides, fun snacks and meals, fireworks, and characters are all part of what makes Disney the Happiest Place on Earth. But on the flip side, we’ve all had those days when a visit to the parks gets to be a tad bit overwhelming. Even if you’ve managed to avoid the Disney burnout, you’ve probably at least witnessed or overheard some guests expressing their frustration. Whether the kids just want everything in their line of sight or parents just want a “bench in the shade,” some Disney days can be too much. YouTuber, John Crist’s latest video hilariously demonstrates over a dozen parental comments one might come across when visiting the parks. Crist mentions everything from snacks and souvenir prices to air conditioning and wait times — and of course that sea of strollers.

What did you think of Crist’s video? What are some other parental remarks you’ve overheard at the parks? Let us know!