We’re all used to seeing movie stars greet fans from the red carpet, pose for pictures and sign autographs. We even expect them to participate in interviews about their newly released projects. And with social media outlets trying to stand out with new and different content, often times celebrities will play silly games, or visit a social media site for a live Q&A session. But what do you do when half of the film’s stars are stuffed animals? Today, Twitter users were treated to something a bit different from the standard Q&A’s they’ve come to expect. Christopher Robin star Winnie the Pooh stopped by Disney Studios Twitter to answer fans’ questions and let’s just say it was delightful. Take a look:

What did you think of this Winnie the Pooh Q&A? What question would you ask the willy, nilly, silly, old bear? Let us know! Christopher Robin arrives in theaters on Friday, August 3rd.