Has your dedication or love for a hobby ever turned into a job? While that might be a dream only scenario for many of us, it turned out to be reality for one Cast Member. Meet Dave Hartmann. Hartmann is a cast member at Fantasia Gardens in Walt Disney World and has been with the company for 11 years. He’s played over 550 games on the course since 1996. As the story goes, Hartmann and his wife were visiting Walt Disney World when they drove by Fantasia Gardens. Intrigued, the two stopped to play a round of miniature golf and Hartmann liked it so much, he kept coming back. From 1996-2007 he played so much the manager of the course said he should work there.

  • Earlier this week the Orlando Sentinel shared the story and just today, Disney Parks Blog posted this video of an interview with the enthusiastic golfer and said “he’s become somewhat of a local legend and a lot of regulars request him to join them and provide tips.”
  • Hartmann told Disney, “What keeps me coming back is the chance to spend time with people. I enjoy going out and talking with the people on the course, and we have a lot of fun. That’s what gives them memories.”

Fun Facts:

  • On his first game in 1996, he scored a 90. His wife beat him.
  • His all time lowest score is 47 which was actually the record for the course for several years until someone bested it this past July.
  • Hartmann has played over 550 games on the Fantasia Gardens course. He keeps all of his scorecards and bundles them in stacks of 100.
  • He told the Orlando Sentinel that his average is 57. The par is 72.


Have you had the chance to play the Fantasia Gardens course at Walt Disney World? If so, what way your best score? Let us know! Also check out our Recreation page for more fun activities to try on your next visit.

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