If you can dream it, you can do it, right? That’s the motto that Disney Imagineers have lived by, and one we can all learn from. When LEGO fans dream things the result could wind up as a brand new set! While that unfortunately isn’t the case just yet (and may never be), this Main Street Train Station set was designed by one LEGO fan and we think it’s pretty incredible. Right now this is just a dream project, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. This product idea is a little over a year old and came to our attention as today’s LEGO staff pick. The toy company shared this fun design with fans on their Twitter.

Fans of the design can stop by LEGO’s website and support the set. Sometimes, when a design gets enough fan support—at least 10,000 backers—LEGO might create the set to be sold in stores. Getting enough support isn’t a guarantee that the set will be created, but at least the designer knows that their fellow LEGO fans like their ideas. Below are some pictures of the Main Street Train Station set:

Designer’s Description: 

“Each year, millions of people visit the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The first thing they see when they arrive is the Main Street Train Station.This set is meant capture the striking visual aspect and the wonder of the Train Station in Lego form. The model features both the Walter E Disney model train and the Main Street Train Station. The train comes complete with built in motor and IR capability. The train station itself measures about 24 inches by 6 inches. The train features the engine, coal car, and two passenger cars measuring about 29 inches.This set would be a great addition to anyone’s train collection and the perfect set for any Disney fan, casual to fanatic.”

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