Last night, ABC celebrated Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday with Mickey’s 90th Spectacular, a tribute to the mouse himself. The night included some of your favorite stars, musical performances and much more.

As is typically the case with events like this, Disney fans took to their respective Twitter accounts to share their thoughts as they watched. Some of the reactions to the show were as funny as Mickey’s original cartoons.

Some pointed out specific parts of the show that were particularly awkward:

This was not the show some folks were expecting:

Others just made general Disney-related observations:

Unfortunately for this Twitter user, the show brought up some repressed memories:

Others were reminded of their own special memories:

Some got emotional:

For these folks it was all about the performances:

Some just wanted to wish him well:

Did you watch Mickey’s 90th Spectacular on ABC last night? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.