The internet is constantly creating new trends. Whether it’s a viral video, a catch song you can’t get out of your head or just a simple meme, there it always something new going around that you see every time you pick up your phone or computer.

Disney has more than their fair share of catchy songs, but it looks like they have a new one that is taking the internet by storm. At least, over in Thailand it is. A new Mickey Mouse short titled “Our Floating Dreams” was released on June 22 on YouTube and already has 6.6 million views. That is due in large part to a catchy little jingle sung by those lovable little chipmunks Chip ‘N’ Dale.

The song, which only lasts about 14 seconds, is a minor part of the overall short but has worked its way into the heads of millions of people. That has led to its inevitable meme treatment, as pointed out by Polygon.


Posted by Manga-Fail on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Of course, any musically talented person who came across the song took it upon themselves to share their own recreation of it.


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14 seconds of this song not enough for you? Well you can always enjoy an hour-long loop of it with this video.

It has actually even gotten to the point where Thailand’s Department of Mental Health made a post explaining how to combat “earworm symptoms.” The post doesn’t mention the song by name but it does feature a drawing of the chipmunks on their boat.

“ชิพกับเดล นี่สองพี่น้อง ขายของในคลอง….”“ชิพกับเดล นี่สองพี่น้อง ขายของในคลอง……”“ชิพกับเดล นี่สองพี่น้อง…

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Quincy Surasmith, the songwriter and producer behind the song, took to his twitter account to acknowledge just how crazy all of this is.

By the way, if you would like to see more of this song and its meme-ification, you can check out the hashtag in Surasmith’s tweet. There’s plenty more to see from this crazy, adorable, ridiculous little chipmunk song that is taking over the internet.



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