UPDATE (7/18/19):

In Romano’s latest episode of “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback,” she is joined by Lauren Frost and George Anthony Bell, who played Ruby Mendel and Principal Wexler respectively on the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. The trio joins a classroom full of singers to recreate “We Went to the Moon in 1969,” in honor of the recent 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

ORIGINAL (7/5/19):

We all love some good Disney-themed nostalgia. And who doesn’t enjoy a good cooking show? So when Kim Possible star Christy Carlson Romano introduces a new cooking show featuring other former Disney Channel stars, you can be we’re going to be excited.

Romano announced the new show, called “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback,” a few weeks ago (in the video above) and has since released two episodes.

The first episode features her Kim Possible co-star Will Friedle, who voiced Ron Stoppable in the beloved animated series. The pair of Disney Channel stars prepare the NACO, which for those who don’t know is a taco filled with nachos. They also answer some questions and even reenact their favorite Kim Possible moment.

The second episode, which was released just yesterday on July 4, features Lizzie McGuire star Jake Thomas, who played Lizzie’s pesky little brother Matt. This time the duo makes a vegetarian take on Duck à L'orange, from an episode of Lizzie McGuire. They also discuss the rivalry between the Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens crews.

“Christy’s Kitchen Throwback” is (at least thus far) a weekly series, with new episodes being released on Thursdays. The introduction video provides the following description of the new series:

  • “Christy Carlson Romano, known for her work in Kim Possible, Even Stevens, Cadet Kelly, Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, and so much more, introduces her new YouTube series, "Christy's Kitchen Throwback"! What should you expect? Cooking with some of your favorite 90s/2000s stars and today's biggest YouTubers, dance numbers, singing, reenacting scenes, challenges, and who knows what else?! One thing's for sure, we'll be taking you down memory lane in every video!”

Who else would you like to see on an episode of “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback?” Let us know in the comments below.