Freeform to Celebrate “30 Days of Disney” With Disney Bounding Looks on Social Media

Today marks the first day of Freeform’s 30 Days of Disney — a month long celebration of the Disney movies, fashion, theme parks, and music that fans across the globe love! To kick things off, Freeform is proud to feature four Instagram influencers and their oh-so-cute Disney bounding looks that are perfect for a visit to the parks.

Inspired by Disney and Pixar films these ladies put together fun outfits that pay homage to some beloved good and well, not so good characters.  


  • Amber Arden channels the original Mistress of Evil for her casual Disney bound. Featuring a deep purple cold shoulder dress and cute black vest, this combination is wickedly fun.
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  • Jaycee Castillo took inspiration from the mischievous chameleon-like Randall. When he’s not blending into his surroundings, Randall’s skin and scales are purple, and Jaycee is using all the Potion Purple to her advantage!
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  • Hey, howdy hey! It’s cowgirl Jessie! Cindy Bautista styled her look with a blue jean dress, brown ankle boots, a bright red fedora, and complimentary backpack. And to bring her look full circle, she had to pose with Forky.
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  • Ranitra Coleman Disney bounds as the lovely Princess Tiana. Ranitra blends dressy and casual with her silky green dress, white t-shirt, brown statement belt, frilly white socks (we love these) and some comfortable sneakers.
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