In a recent episode of Family Feud, a Pass or Play question about Minnie Mouse resulted in some hilarious answers that had host Steve Harvey shocked and unable to stop laughing.

Family Feud shared a video on their official YouTube channel of contestants answering a question about who Minnie Mouse would call if she found out Mickey had been unfaithful. In this clip the first contestant buzzed in and incorrectly answered “Bugs Bunny” to the delight of Steve Harvey. If that sounds funny, there’s even more craziness to come. Take a look:

Contestants proceeded to answer correctly with “Donald Duck,” “Daisy Duck,” “Goofy” and then things got a little hairy. The next answers were “Mortimer Mouse” (which was Mickey’s original name before Walt’s wife suggested he change it), “Loretta Cow” (did she mean Clarabelle Cow?), and “Mighty Mouse.”

As game play shifted to the other team in an attempt to steal, their response was “Cinderella” and Steve Harvey just about lost it. He even said if it turned out to be a correct answer, he’d go home! Well, as one may have guessed, that wasn’t right either. So who would Minnie Mouse call if she found out Mickey had cheated on her? Survey says:

  • Daisy Duck
  • Donald Duck
  • Goofy
  • Pluto
  • Her Lawyer

And now you know!