“GMA3” Guest List: Chris Hemsworth, Ice-T and More to Appear Week of September 18th

GMA3: What You Need to Know has announced their guest list for the week of September 18th-22nd. Among those joining for a virtual or in-person visit are chefs, doctors, public figures and more who will discuss current projects, and some of the popular topics facing our nation.

What’s Happening:

  • Every afternoon, ABC’s news program, GMA3: What You Need to Know provides audiences with the latest national health reports, inspiring stories of triumph and sometimes a bit of fun.
  • The network has shared their guests list for the upcoming week which features authors, politicians, and lifestyle experts.
  • The program is anchored by Eva Pilgrim and DeMarco Morgan. They are joined by chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton who provides the latest updates on national health concerns, and answers a variety of questions submitted by viewers.
  • GMA3: What You Need to Know airs Monday-Friday 1:00 pm ET | 12:00 pm CT on ABC, and 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm ET on ABC News Live.

GMA3 Guests for the Week of September 18th-22nd:

  • Monday, September 18
    • Cynthia Germanotta (Born This Way Foundation President and co-founder; mother of Lady Gaga)
    • Eva Pilgrim reports on moms who do mushrooms
    • Keisha Edwards (Health teacher and coach)
    • Charli, Dixie, Marc and Heidi D’Amelio (The D’Amelio Show)
  • Tuesday, September 19
    • Matt Gutman (No Time to Panic)
    • DeMarco Morgan spotlights “Swimming while Black” with four experts
    • Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin (The Home Edit Stay Organized)
    • Gary Gulman (Misfit)
  • Wednesday, September 20
    • Arian Simone (Fearless Fund co-founder and CEO) and Ben Crump (attorney)
    • McKinley Nelson (nonprofit Project sWish founder)
    • Chris Hemsworth
    • Gavin Rossdale
    • Deals and Steals with Tory Johnson
  • Thursday, September 21
    • Erin Roberge (First Packer’s female athletic trainer)
    • Ice-T
    • Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Buster Gets Back on Track)
  • Friday, September 22
    • Dr. Simran Jeet Singh (The Light We Give)

GMA3: What You Need to Know is a one-hour news program anchored by Eva Pilgrim and DeMarco Morgan with Dr. Jennifer Ashton as chief medical correspondent.