Ranked: The 14 Marvel Shows and Movies of 2023

While much of the attention has been negative over the past 12 months, 2023 was a big year for the Marvel Universe. Marvel gave us three theatrically released films, one new series on Disney+, second seasons for two returning favorites, several documentaries and more this year, and I’m going to do my best to rank them all.

We are only focusing on television series and films here so things like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Rogers: The Musical and perhaps my favorite event of the year, The Hellfire Gala at San Diego Comic-Con, will not be included. I have also chosen to exclude Werewolf by Night in Color because, well, it’s the same thing but in color. With that being said, we have a list of 14 projects, so let’s get to ranking.

14 – LEGO Avengers: Code Red

I really wanted not to put this at the bottom of the list because it deserves more credit than that, but this was a pretty strong year for Marvel TV and movies. LEGO Avengers: Code Red was a surprise delight and a treat for Marvel fans of all ages. It’s one of those pieces that is clearly created for a younger audience, but includes plenty for older fans to enjoy as well. It also throws all kinds of jokes and references in there for hardcore Marvel fans to point at like Leo in that meme. At the end of the day though, it’s still pretty simple, following the formula of any other LEGO content short of The LEGO Movie. I would absolutely recommend watching it though if you haven’t done so already.

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13 – I Am Groot season 2

I’ll be honest, I fully expected to put this at the bottom of my list. The first season of these shorts ranked 11th out of 12 on last year’s list and this year there was no Morbius to save it from a last place finish. However, when I revisited some of these shorts, I couldn’t help but smile. What’s not to love about Baby Groot getting into all kinds of hijinx? The series is pretty repetitive, as you might expect, so once you’ve watched a couple of these shorts, you’ll probably be good to go. But you’re almost definitely going to enjoy the ones you watch.

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12 – Marvel Studios Assembled

I think we’ve hit a plateau with this series in relation to ranking all Marvel content. Last year, I really enjoyed these behind-the-scenes looks at all of the Marvel films and series. And that was the case this year again, but this series has become very formulaic and repetitive. Obviously, the projects all get done in similar ways so you can only expect so much to be different form one installment to the next, but once you’ve seen one of these, you kind of know what to expect from all of them. With that being said, they’re still worth watching, especially for your favorite Marvel projects. They always offer an interesting tidbit or two.

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11 – MPower

Speaking of behind-the-scenes looks, MPower dove into the characters, the films, the production secrets and more, all from a woman’s perspective. Stars like Angela Bassett, Brie Larson, Elizabeth Olsen, Zoe Saldana and more open up about their experiences bringing these characters to life. Fans also get to hear from women working behind the camera and what it means to them to help tell these stories. It’s a, for lack of a better word, powerful look behind-the-scenes at how some incredibly talented women help to tell these stories we know and love.

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10 – Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Well, here we are. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has gotten a lot of hate since its release in February. Whether it was the seemingly simple disposal of a now overhyped villain or the sloppy CGI, this movie was far from one of Marvel’s best. And yet, for all of its issues, it really wasn’t all bad. Paul Rudd once again delivers a fantastic performance and we got to see Cassie Lang join the action for the first time. Plus, any project that brings Bill Murray to the MCU gets some bonus points. And yes, the future of Kang is still up in the air, but this film established a baseline for the character that could have expanded into something great. Those reasons get this film into the top 10 for the year, but it couldn’t go any higher than this.

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9 – Stan Lee

Likely one of the most forgotten projects of the year, Stan Lee was a beautifully intimate look at the life of the greatest comic creator of all time. With Lee telling his life story through old interviews and archived footage, Marvel fans can feel closer to the legend himself than ever before. It’s a comprehensive look at not only Lee’s life but also a great deal of the history of Marvel Comics. It’s a great resource for those who want to learn more about Marvel and a touching tribute for fans of Lee and his iconic work.

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8 – Voices Rising: The Music of Wakanda Forever

Another great documentary, Voices Rising looks at the incredible music created for last year’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The three episode series follows director Ryan Coogler and composer Ludwig Goransson as they assemble wonderfully talented musicians from around the world to give their film a truly global feel. With the music of both Black Panther films being such a topic of conversation, it’s great to have a look at the creative process that made it all possible,

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7 – Secret Invasion

I’ll be honest, this was a tough one to rank. The finale really left a sour taste in the mouths of fans, leaving us with a rushed, CGI-heavy boss battle that kind of went against everything this series was about and teasing just a glimpse of how good this series could have been. However, the ride up to that point hit some really amazing highs. The first few episodes of Secret Invasion were filled with tension and an exciting uneasiness that left everyone wondering what was going to happen next. Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn also delivered some of the best-acted scenes in the history of the MCU and their chemistry drove a great deal of that tension. So while the series hit some lows, it also hit some very high highs, and that gets it into the top seven.

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6 – Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

This is where we get a pretty big tier jump. The Disney Channel animated series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur grabbed audiences right away with its unbelievably catchy theme song. It doesn’t let up after that either, as this new series brings to life to two lovable title characters and a spectacular supporting cast as well. The colorful energy of this series is infectious and you can’t help but smile while watching. There are also countless characters and references thrown in for Marvel fans to enjoy, but mostly this is just an incredibly fun new animated series for everyone to love, in what ended up being a very strong year for animation in the world of Marvel.

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5 – The Marvels

And speaking of fun characters, The Marvels was just a great time in the theater. Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau and Kamala Kahn on screen together at the same time proved to be wildly entertaining. The film’s plot was simple and the villain may not have exactly been a standout, but the lead characters carried the film. Iman Vellani in particular proved once again to be a star in the making and I personally cannot wait to see her carry the MCU in the future. Plus, this film featured two huge post-credits scenes that may have been the two most exciting Marvel moments all year.

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4 – What If…? season 2

Like I said, it was a big year for Marvel animation. Having just wrapped up, What If…? is still fresh on everyone’s minds and may be benefitting from a bit of recency bias here, but the second season certainly did not disappoint. Each episode once again provided fans with a brand new adventure, putting a fresh twist on some of our favorite characters. And once again, those stories pull together to deliver an epic finale that featured some truly awesome moments. With literally infinite stories that could be told in this medium, I’m hoping we get many more seasons of this animated series.

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3 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Rewatchability may not be on the side of this film as it was emotionally draining to say the least. Still, there’s no denying the finale of James Gunn’s Guardians trilogy was a beautiful sendoff and an epic finale. The film perfectly wraps up the stories of several characters, leading to potential new adventures for some, and leaving us wondering if we’ll ever see some others again. We also got some unbelievable costumes, an unforgettable villain and some of the most tear-jerking moments in the history of the MCU. I still occasionally hear “Rocket, Teefs, Foor go now!” as I try to sleep at night. Thanks for that, James Gunn. But whether you’re willing to deal with the inevitable emotional damage or not, there’s no denying this was a very strong addition to the MCU.

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2 – Loki season 2

There is still one king of Marvel’s Disney+ series and if he couldn’t get the throne of Asgard, I’m sure this is a good consolation prize for Loki. Season two of the hit series may have managed to surpass the first and that was a very high bar. In fact, the first season came in second in our 2021 rankings, beat out only by Spider-Man: No Way Home. Loki season two kept us on the edge of our seats the whole way through, with incredible performances from the whole cast, headlined by Tom Hiddleston. And, perhaps most importantly, it stuck the landing. A strong season finale is something that has eluded many of the Marvel series on Disney+ but Loki once again delivered on that front. Now we just have to wait and see what the god of stories has in store for the MCU.

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1 – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Once again, Loki is beaten out by Spider-Man. And again, this was an amazing year for animation. So much so, in fact, that this is the first time in our three years of doing these rankings, that the top spot does not belong to a project set in the MCU. Or, unless this is set in the MCU? There’s that whole thing with the Prowler. Either way, it’s a Sony project that tops the list this year and with good reason. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was nothing short of a masterpiece and one of the most visually breathtaking films I’ve ever seen. The comedy, the drama, the characters, the villain (the movies – IYKYK), it all came together perfectly for this sequel and now we’re all just counting down until Beyond the Spider-Verse swings into theaters.

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2023 was another great year for Marvel and 2024 is set up to be even bigger. You can watch almost all of these projects on Disney+ now.

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