And the, there are those light bulbs, the most famous of the Glowing Away season souvenirs. For $10 (all the money going to children’s charities), you could own your very own parade-used bulb.

And finally, the light bulbs. Here are ours:

And our readers – Adam Conteras, Anna Jackson, Bob Pritchard, Darren Redstone and Debbie Rosas (thanks all!)

And finally, a page from our button book showing our light up button, the standard white button and a souvenir for the Electrical Parade’s replacement which unfortunately did not last 24 years. There are also a couple of buttons for Mickey’s Halloween Treat. Maybe we’ll cover that in another post.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures and to my wife Rebekah for digging through our souvenirs and finding our stuff. Welcome home, MSEP.



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