Walt Disney World Weather Report for February 29th from @WDW_Weather

Well here it is – one more Disney day … I wish I could be there with you but after my horrible performance throughout the princess half marathon you are likely happy I am not :-)!

So let me begin – if you can see where you are going then good for you – you slept in.  Dense fog will likely be the story this morning to start things off.  I can speak from experience as I flew out yesterday and you could barely see in front of you and the same kind of set up is going on today.  So if you are driving – take a little extra time to get where you are going – otherwise by the time we get to 9 o’clock the sun should come out and it is going to get warm – REAL warm.

We are talking about partly sunny skies with highs about 10 degrees warmer than what you might expect for this time of year – and while Magic Kingdom stays open – well – all day – the lows will only get down into the mid 60s so figure thats about as cold as it will get as you are scrounging for popcorn around 5am!I hope everyone has a great time and I can’t wait to see the pictures.

Finally and one more time – thank you Run Disney for putting on incredible events that make us WANT To get out of our homes and be active!  See you on the other coast for the Disneyland in September!

Fantasy christening bonus forecast – for anyone who may be curious about what’s going on in new york – at least it’s not snow right?  Let’s hope the forecast stays true because Wednesday doesn’t look like a great day but things SHOULD improve overnight into Thursday when the actual christening is supposed to take place.  Expect a rather mild day with highs somewhere close to 50 with a few showers lingering over from Wednesday night.