Get a Peek at the Making of 'it's a small world' Holiday Clock Show at Disneyland

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new “it’s a small world” Holiday Clock Show in Disneyland park, now is the time. Co-designer and animator Lisa Bradley gives us a glimpse at just how intricate the details are for the virtual décor that can be seen every fifteen minutes after dark. Disney Parks Blog is happy to share some video with us…

“it’s a small world” Holiday Clock Show Fun Facts:

  • There are 980 pieces of candy in the gingerbread scene.
  • The train in the toy section is placed in the same location the actual Disneyland Railroad trains cross as they pass by the attraction.
  • There are 232 gears in the clock section.
  • The blocks in the toy factory scene represent Disneyland Resort cast members who worked on the show.