interviews to a former Disney Cruise line performer, who only identifies herself as Raye L., about what is was like to train for and work on the Disney Cruise Line as a stage performer. Some of our favorite quotes:

  • On Castaway Cay, the crew had their own private beach. But we weren’t allowed to tan, at least not noticeably. Belle can’t have a bikini line!
  • Performing on a moving ship is a whole other ball game. Our theater was very high tech, huge, and beautiful. But we needed special safety training for the pyrotechnic and the flying scenes. We had to learn how to dance and move on a stage when it’s rocking. If you’re doing a jump, the ship could list while you’re in the air and the floor is never where you expect it to be.
  • The coolest thing for me was when I got to sing, “When you Wish Upon A Star.” That’s the iconic Disney song. I’m so proud I got to sing that song.