Disney has filled an addendum to their Proxy statement addressing concerns with the company’s corporate governance and executive compensation.  In the filling, Disney makes several points to address comments they have received from shareholders.  They are:

  • Disney has continued their long track record of strong fiancial performance and shareholder value creation
  • Disney achieved record revenue, net income and earnings per share for the third consecutive year
  • CEO total direct pay decreased by 15% compared to fiscal 2012
  • The Compensation Committee continued to strengthen the pay and performance connection in Disney’s compensation program
  • Disney believe that they have a strong, independent Board and several best-in-class governance practices that protect shareholders’ interests
  • At the 2014 annual meeting, Disney is seeking to establish the right for shareholders to call a special meeting
  • During 2013 Disney engaged with many of its largest shareholder
  • Disney Board believes it is responsive to the feedback received

You can read the entire filling on the SEC website.



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