Former Disney Television President and Former Imagineer Accused of Abuse

According to Variety, David Neuman, who served as President of Walt Disney Television from 1996-1998 is being named as a sexual abuser by Michael Egan. Egan is currently suing X-Men Director Bryan Singer for alleged incidents that occurred in 1999 when Egen was 15 years old.

Also accused is Gary Goddard who worked for Imagineering from 1976-1977 as a show designer. Since then, he has worked on many attractions for Universal including most of the original attractions for Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure including the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Kongfrontation. According to Linkedin his Disney work included:

EPCOT: Health Pavilion (working with Rolly Crump); Space Pavilion (working with John DeCuir); Discover Pavilion (Science & Invention and working with Gordon Cooper)
WORLD SHOWCASE: The Japan Pavilion (working with Claude Coats and Herb Ryman); American Adventure (working with Marc Davis, and later on a separate concept with Randy Bright); Arab Nations Pavilion (working with Herb Ryman and Ahmad Jafari);
RIVER COUNTRY EXPANSION (working with Marc Davis);
FT. WILDERNESS WILD WEST DINNER SHOW (developed but never produced)
Also the VOICE of the PIRATE PARROT (for X. Atencio) at the Entry to the Florida PIRATES attraction.
Also developed the concepts for the NEW TOMORROWLAND ARCADE at Disneyland

Previous to his work with Imagineering he worked for Walt Disney World where he says he was the co-director of the Hoop-De-Doo Musical Review:

“Some confusion surrounds HOOP DEE DOO and to set the record straight: Larry Billman and Tom Adair had created a basic script for the “Hoop Dee Doo” dinner show proposed for the the Pioneer Hall “nature movie” theatre facility. I was originally engaged to be Larry Billman’s assistant director. As it turned out I would wind up co-directing as Larry often had to leave our rehearsals for other responsibilities he had at WDW. I staged the Davy Crockett finale, added some musical staging to some of the Dolly Drew/Six Bits numbers, and made changes to the structure of the show, like moving the dessert number prior to the Davy Crockett finale instead of after it, recording rythym tracks for all the songs at Larry’s request. I also performed on nights when cast members were sick. At the end of the summer, when the college cast had to go home, WDW wanted the show to continue as it was major hit. Larry had flown back to Anaheim one week after the college kids show opened. It was left to me to audition, cast, stage and direct the entire set of “professional” cast members – 4 complete casts. To be clear, Larry and Tom Adair wrote the show, Larry and I co-directed the 1st show; then I directed and produced all of the four professional casts. Following this I stayed on as Director and Manager for the show.

UPDATED: Another person accused of abuse has a Disney connection. Garth Ancier was President of Touchstone Television from March 1989 – December 1990 and was responsible for all programming decisions. With this news, all three men being sued today have Disney connections.