ABC Picks Up Cristela and Fresh Off the Boat, Renews Last Man Standing

ABC has picked up two new sitcoms from 20th Century Fox TV, Cristela and Fresh Off the Boat. As part of the deal, ABC also renewed Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing. It is expected that these are the last pick ups from ABC.

Cristela  was never budgeted to shoot a pilot. However producers took the money they received from ABC and shot a pilot anyway using Last Man Standings set and crew. Due to this, there is no official synopsis at this time. Here is a synopsis of the Fresh Off the Boat.

Fresh Off the Boat – Half Hour

CAST LISTING – Randall Park, Constance Wu, Hudson Yang, Forrest Wheeler, Ian Chen

CREDITS LISTING – PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox; WRITER: Nahnatchka Khan; EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Nahnatchka Khan, Jake Kasdan

It’s the 90s and 12-year-old hip-hop loving Eddie just moved to suburban Orlando with his family. Before this, his immigrant family settled easily into Washington DC’s Chinatown. But here, it is pure culture shock for them. Orlando doesn’t have a Chinatown… unless you count the Huang house.

The popular kids at Eddie’s junior high school are impressed by his love of hip-hop, but banish him from their table when he opens up his ‘fragrant’ traditional Chinese lunch in the middle of the crowded cafeteria. It is almost as bad for his immigrant mother, Jessica (Constance Wu), who has never seen the inside of a traditional American supermarket and can’t understand the fast-talking, rollerblading neighbor moms. Plus, the Florida humidity is a disaster for her hair.

His immigrant dad, Louis (Randall Park) is the complete opposite. He loves all things American and proudly embraces his patriotism with his Old West themed American steakhouse complete with wagon wheel tables. He’s determined to bring in more customers and make his restaurant a success so his family can prosper and be happy in this country.

His Grandma Huang is in her own world, cracking up while she watches the shopping networks with her new credit card in hand. Although she speaks no English, she is inexplicably tickled to death by Joan Rivers.

Eddie has to watch out for his 9-year-old brother Gary, the suck-up of the family, who is always ready to tell on his brothers every chance he gets. It is Eddie’s 11-year-old brother, Freddy, who is fitting in best. He scored a girlfriend the first day of school while Eddie, trying to maintain some street cred, ended up in the Principal’s office for fighting the school’s other least popular kid.

Through it all, they have each other’s backs and their American Dream. Based on chef Eddie Huang’s memoir Fresh Off the Boat.