Brad Paisley Writes New Song For Planes: Fire & Rescue

A sneak peek of Brad Paisley’s new song “All In” from Planes: Fire & Rescue  has been posted featuring clips from the upcoming film. The song will be available on the movie’s soundtrack which will be available on July 17, a day before the film’s release. Paisley will also have a cameo in the film as a pickup truck. In an interview with, Paisley discussed his special connection to the film:

My father’s a firefighter. He was my whole life. And my brother-in-law and several family members are firefighters. I was really honored to pay tribute to them. I sat down after seeing a rough cut of the movie and it came to me very quickly. My dad was president of the volunteer fire department, which was walking distance to our house. I spent several days of each week there with him—any time the whistle blew, he went. It was truly inspiring to watch him lead that way. It’s a strange and wonderful mentality that these people have. They get so excited about that opportunity to help. My favorite line in the song  is, “Where there’s smoke and flames, and everybody needs out, I’m all in.”


Brad Paisley’s “All In” First Listen – Planes: Fire & Rescue on Disney Video