Adventures by Disney Launches Nashville Long Weekend Itinerary in 2015

Adventures by Disney has added an additional “long weekend” itinerary to their destinations for 2015. The itinerary will be offered nine times in 2015. The home hotel for this itinerary is the Gaylord Opryland Resort.

The itinerary is as follows:

Day 1:

Welcome to Nashville

Enjoy a delightful breakfast at the hotel while meeting the other families who will share your adventure in Music City! Get settled in at the picturesque Gaylord Opryland Resort and take in some of its unforgettable atrium views.

Tour of Nashville Sites

Cruise around Nashville on a private motor coach and see some of the famous city’s most important landmarks and some of the iconic sites. Known as the Athens of the South, Nashville has over 200 years of rich history on display so don’t forget your camera.

Lunch in Downtown Nashville

Savor the culinary history of Nashville at an incredible local restaurant. Focused on fresh local ingredients and regional favorites, you’ll experience the edible delights of Southern cuisine. You’ll also get to make your very own BBQ sauce to take home!

The WSM Radio Station

Visit WSM, one of the world’s most famous country radio stations and home of the Grand Ole Opry, the world’s longest running radio program! The station opens its doors for an exclusive private visit where you’ll get to step up to the microphone and record a WSM station identification!

After-Hours Visit and Dinner at The Hermitage

Take a stroll through time as you visit The Hermitage, once home to President Andrew Jackson and now a museum of the antebellum South. You’ll get a fascinating private tour of the grounds including President Jackson’s tomb, and hear the rich and “spirited” stories of the Southern plantation. Try your hand at biscuit-making in the classic Southern style, do some traditional 1800’s square dancing and then sit down for a feast fit for a president!

Day 2:

Breakfast On Your Own

Select from many incredible restaurants at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, and see the wondrous architecture and spectacular atrium views that makes the resort such an enduring destination.

Performance at the Bluebird Café

Head over to The Bluebird Café for an inside look into the songwriting process at the spot where some of Country Music’s biggest stars got their start. During a private daytime session before the doors open, you’ll get the opportunity to meet professional songwriters in this intimate, famed performance space in a musical experience you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll learn how your favorite songs go from an idea to a masterpiece, and even get a private performance!

And once you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time for a hearty lunch right there at The Bluebird Café!

RCA Studio B Tour & Recording Session

Walk the halls and learn how this revered studio was essential in the creation of the Nashville Sound. Once you’ve had your music history lesson, it’s time to record a song–in the same place that music legends created some of their biggest hits!

Dinner On Your Own in Downtown Nashville

Take to the streets of downtown Nashville to experience the bounty of culture and cuisine that the Music City is known for. With over 200 restaurants and music venues, there’s always something happening in downtown Nashville.

Day 3:

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant- Downtown Nashville

Experience down-home comfort food with breakfast at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant. With rustic favorites elevated to incredible heights of flavor, this is sure to be an unforgettable country breakfast.

Hatch Show Print

Hatch Show Print has been making concert handbills for more than a century, a longevity credited to the simplicity and beauty of the Hatch family’s letterpress prints. With a visit to the print shop, you’ll learn the long history of this printing process and see some of its most iconic creations. You’ll even get to create your own print to take home in your own private print class!

Ryman Auditorium Guided Visit

Pay your respects to Nashville’s musical legacy with a visit to the “Mother Church of Country Music” at the Ryman Auditorium. The original home of the Grand Ole Opry radio show, today the Ryman is registered as a National Historic Landmark.

Lunch On Your Own

There’s no shortage of amazing food to try in Nashville, so use this opportunity to check another restaurant off your list! Choose from casual-yet-famous barbecue spots and burger joints to family restaurants and upscale southern dining, whatever you’re hankerin’ for! And if you need a little direction, your Adventure Guides are more than happy to point you in the direction of some real stand-out eats!

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Your Adventure Guides will provide tickets to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and you’re free to explore it on your own! With thousands of pieces of country music history housed, there’s way more to discover than any single tour could cover. So make your own way and dive deep into the rich and compelling history of country music!

Show and Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry

Take a trip to see “The Show That Made Country Music Famous” with an evening at the Grand Ole Opry! First, head backstage for a peek behind the curtains of an American landmark—and one of the most famous radio shows ever! Then head to Studio A—also located backstage—for your private farewell dinner. Then it’s time to kick up your heels with some line-dancing before you settle into your premium seats and enjoy the show!

Day 4:

Breakfast On Your Own

It’s your last chance to indulge in Nashville’s Southern cuisine with one final breakfast on your own or at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Be sure to make it count!

Transportation to Airport

After breakfast, wave goodbye to the Music City as we provide transportation back to the airport for your trip home.