Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that the attraction, Mermaid Lagoon Theater at Tokyo DisneySea® Park, will be revamped and a new musical show titled “King Triton’s Concert” will open there on April 24, 2015. This new production at Mermaid Lagoon Theater will be themed to Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Guests can enjoy a brand new show full of dynamic performances, with music and songs from the world under the sea.

In the new show, “King Triton’s Concert,” King Triton hosts a musical concert with Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian and other familiar characters from the Disney film creating a mesmerizing world under the sea with music, songs and dynamic performance, just as in the movie. Ariel will “swim” above the audience to the beautiful music and will even “swim” down and approach Guests in this lively and sensational musical show.

For this show, Mermaid Lagoon Theater will be renovated with upgraded stage and lighting technology, as well as new display screens to be installed around the audience seating area.



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