Disney Theatrical Head Discusses Frozen, Marvel, Star Wars

In an in-depth interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Disney Theatrical head Tom Schumacher discusses several projects that have been discussed to be developed as a live event:

  • Regarding Frozen, they began development before the movie was released. Schumacher has a design concept and has begun talking to directors. He cautions, “it doesn’t need to be fast, it needs to be great.”
  • In addition they are working on The Princess Bride, Father of the Bride, and a transfer of London’s Shakespeare in Love play.
  • Schumacher has thought about adapting Toy Story  and Enchanted, but was unable to make the concepts work
  • Tom Schumacher has talked with Marvel about theatrical opportunities.
  • Regarding Star Wars, “There is a very interesting Lucas-oriented live event that could happen, but there’s no rush on that.”